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Barefut Essential Oils

Barefut Essential Oils is owned and operated by Certified Aromatherapists who have been providing all natural, chemical-free health and beauty products for 8 years. These essential oils are sourced from over 35 countries around the world. Barefut’s essential oils are 100% pure, therapeutic; organically grown, ethically produced and free from chemicals or pesticides. These oils do not contain fillers, additives, or any other type of dilution.


Try the CBD - Colorado

Why are people insisting on Colorado-grown and made CBD? Because it’s the highest quality CBD you can purchase. Another equally important reason for this is the strict rules and regulations state of Colorado is enforcing as the pioneer in the medical CBD industry. 


Flora CBD

At Flora, we are strongly committed to providing the best CBD products in the world-plain and simple. Our values are rooted in innovation, transparency, and quality, which is why all of our products are made with the finest natural ingredients and the safest manufacturing practices. Whether you order our CBD oils, gummies, or shisha, you can rest assured you will be getting the best CBD products available on the market today.


Green Smoothie Girl

What Are The 7 Toxicities Your Body Needs to Clean Up? Learn how to eliminate them through a guided detox! Join my good friend Robyn Openshaw’s Detox Masterclass, now available for FREE.

Rocky Mountain Oils

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Rocky Mountain Oils' essential oils are the highest quality available in the industry. Rocky Mountain Oils (RMO) was created by a collection of wellness enthusiasts who were determined to provide essential oils that are pure and safe to use at a cost-effective price. As one of the leading direct-to-consumer essential oil companies in the world, RMO formulates expertly crafted blends and the purest single essential oils available. 


Here you can find the highest quality resources if you would like to expand your knowledge regarding Yoga, Ketogenic Diet and Aromatherapy. Enjoy!


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Yoga Download


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iHerb - Nutrition 

Great variety of products and reliable shipping with tracking. They ship to over 100 countries! Great product selection. With top service and crazy fast shipping! Additionally, there are plenty of promotions on their specials page so check them out as well.


Yoga Outlet


Founded in 2012 and headquartered in Campbell, CA, is the first specialized multi-branded online yoga retailer, offering a broad selection of yoga brands and yoga-inspired products to all levels of yogis.



Founded in 1989, Amrita is a family-owned, family-friendly manufacturer that specializes in organic essential oils of the highest purity. Amrita is known for its high purity standards and holistic healing approach not found in other suppliers. In addition to organic farming and wildcrafted growing standards, the evaluation of the holistic vibrational quality and scent are a core element in sourcing essential oils and other ingredients.  All 140 essential oils have been tested for purity using gas chromatography and other tests.

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