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Yoga for Women: is Yoga helpful for weight loss?...Which style to pick?

In the past, the concept of losing weight was limited. It used to revolve around going on a diet and lowering your calorie intake and going into the calorie deficiency mode. The only acceptable exercise was walking or jogging. Walking and jogging are still good for your health...and for mental clarity... there is no doubt about that.

But... times have changed. The revolution is here! After ages, today, the whole concept of "diet" stands enlightened like never before. It is vast, like never before. It is not called simply "dieting" anymore. It has now grown up to be "the fitness journey."

Gone are the days of Dieting. The Fitness Journey has the Crown in Its Name

As it is clear from the name, the fitness journey is a journey. It is not a matter of a month or two or three. It is learning how to manifest certain changes in your lifestyle. Today, rather than going into the calorie deficiency mode, it is recommended to change your lifestyle.

A few years back, only the walking gardens were treated as where the king seat of this concept sat. Later, the Gym rule came over. Now, “the health body and fit mind" is the need of the hour, trending, and new business.

The All in One Witty Approach

"The fit mind"... You must be wondering here if we are talking about meditation for twenty minutes every morning? Well... the answer is yes and no. We are so strictly against the stereotype that a peaceful mind only comes via meditation and that workout completed at the gym plays no role.

Ever heard about our ancestors' way of the witty meditation-workout-walk-all-in-one technique i.e., Yoga? Where meditation assures peace of the mind, yoga is the meditation of each organ of the body from head to toe.

Women are the true heroes in modern times!

Women tend to have a heavier workload than men because of the necessity to work in and outside the home. Women may have higher blood pressure due to continuous office stresses and work in the home; the pressure on them is high which increases anxiety, and in turn, can be the case of constant high blood pressure.

They require more strength as they are 24/7 employees at home, then go to the office, and back to home again. They require bone strength and stretches. Only yoga gives all that together, it is just a matter to learn the style that better fits each lifestyle.

A Guide to Choose the Right Yoga for You…

Before living yoga, going on yoga for life mode, and joining any yoga place, it is vital to do some research for homework. If you are a newbie, this is a quick guide for yoga for beginners. Kula yoga, or Surya yoga, or Be yoga... some of these styles may be more suitable for you.

There is no need to join Yoga Plus kinds of programs in the beginning. Initially, you need to decide what yoga is best for you as per your lifestyle, requirements, etc., before going on a Pro mode.

Iyengar Yoga

Iyengar and Ashtanga yoga are more like twins. They are not only from the same lineage, but most of the postures, called "Asanas," are the same. However, the approaches are different. BKS Iyengar and Pattabhi Jois were masterminds behind these types. Both of them shared the same teacher, Tirumalai Krishnamacharya.

Iyengar yoga is fantastic for learning the art of correct alignment. Facilitators like belts, blocks, pillow-like bolsters aids in the case of this yoga for beginners, which reduces injuries and stiffness of joints (occurring often in women).

Ashtanga Yoga

Ashtanga is a very Pro kind of yoga. It is the next advanced stage of Iyengar yoga. It has a vast series of poses. During each pose, breaths are held for only five seconds. A half sun salutation punctuates breaths for keeping up the pace.

Mysore Style

Ashtanga yoga is taught in the one-to-one style in group type classes. It is the yoga for beginners meaning it is the safest and most traditional, allowing the student to go at her own pace, on her breath. It does not require expert supervision once you understand how to do it. That's what makes it best for ladies as it becomes the in-home-yoga of choice.

Vinyasa Flow

This is also known as flow yoga, dynamic yoga, and flow-style yoga. It is greatly influenced and inspired by Ashtanga yoga. The supervisor here just does not stop talking. He or she keeps moving from one student to another, checking the Pro-ness of Asana. It is not just yoga but also a workout. It is two-in-one slower style of yoga.


Vinyasa yoga is the best for ladies as it helps with flexibility. It builds up strength, gives some extra volts to the immune system to attack sickness germs entering or attempting to enter the body, and decreases injury risks. It improves digestion by preventing toxin towers from building up. It also ensures mental clarity.

Vinyasa yoga acts as 10,000 mcg biotin and gives a glow to the skin, strengthens the hair follicles, and improves hair growth. It also aids in weight loss, toning of muscles, and stabilizes the core that, in turn, reduces back pain.

It aids in feeling calmer. It also teaches you that "you are in charge of your happiness" and how to not depend on the outer world for your smiles.

This type of yoga acts as an accelerator to speed up energy by aligning chakras. It acts as a healer as well as is therapeutic. It aids in releasing old emotional injuries and increases confidence, grooms character, and enhances commitment.

Common Poses in Yoga

Whether it is stretching of the hips, working on inversions (which are upside-down poses), or a specific chakra (the energy center), memorizing poses is not easy because there are many. If you have decided to make your home the yoga place, here are Vinyasa yoga poses for beginners:

  • Mountain

  • Forward Fold

  • Chaturanga

  • Upward Facing Dog

  • Downward Facing Dog

Hot commonly named 26+

Sweat takes all toxins away, which in turn lightens the soul. Sweating decreases anxiety and depression. If you love to sweat, this is your type of yoga. It was coined by an Indian yogi Bikram Chaudhry in the early 1970s. It has a sequence of 26 yoga poses, which are stretching poses for strengthening the muscles and compressing and rinsing the organs of your body. It is great to attain the summer, aka the bikini body.

Yin Yoga

This type of yoga has come from the Taoist tradition. It focuses on passive and seated poses. It focuses on connective tissues found in the hips, pelvis, and lower spine. If you want to focus on attaining more pleasure during lovemaking and more flexibility (down there), this is for you. It is also considered a way to tighten vaginal walls and maintain their youthfulness.

I personally have been practicing Hot Yoga, Vinyasa and Yin Yoga...this article has been written trying to help as many people out there. I was raised by a single mom and have a sister so I was always aware of all the efforts women needs to go through to support their family. Sometimes, they do not even have time to relax or think about themselves. This article is dedicated to my mother and sister. They have helped me becoming the man I am today. Thank you to all women in the world!

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