Yoga For Woman: Yoga Asanas That Are Perfect For Woman’s Health

Are you impressed by the body flexibility of famous Hollywood celebrities? Do you aim to endorse their routine? Well, if you are serious about your looks and health, then there is no better option than practicing different yoga poses specifically for a woman.

Yoga has been providing innumerable benefits to people of all eras and genders for a long time.

It originated from the Indian sub-continent, which majorly offers mental, physical, and spiritual wellbeing.

However, some of the best yoga exercises have shown truly huge benefits to women. The yogis’ philosophy suggests that a woman is a creature of God who has to pass through different life stages.

So yoga is best to help them to deal with the challenges of advancements in life.

Here we have put a light on yoga for women.

You can learn a lot about yoga poses most suitable for women. If you want a better healthy life, you must practice these poses in combination.

1. Tree pose

How is it good for women?

Tree pose is the best yoga for women. It maintains the balance of their entire body, improves the concentration power, and enhances the body's oxygen flow.

Whenever you feel scattered, practice tree poses and relax.

How to align for tree pose?

Stand straight. Bring your legs and feet closer and put your hands on hips. Switch your entire body weight on the sole of your left foot.

  • Bend your right knee and stand in the way that your sole lies over the left knee.

  • Now join the palm in the Namaste position in front of your chest. Hold your position for 60 seconds.

Note: Are you an experienced yoga practitioner? If yes, then you can join your palms overhead over your yoga rug.

2. Goddess pose

How is it good for women?

This yoga pose is an excellent solution for stress and frustration. It provides amazing stretches to the hips and strengthens the lower body.

Although this pose is difficult, dear ladies, do challenge yourself and let go of all worries and fears.

How to align for goddess pose?

  • Firstly, bend your knees and keep them exactly above your toes (much like squad position).

  • Then slightly press your hips and tuck your tail bone. You can create either cactus of your arms or put them on your hips.

3. Supported headstand

How is it good for women?

Another best yoga for the woman has supported the headstand. Such inversion yoga improves hormone production and alleviates menopausal symptoms.

Also, it flushes out the wastes from the body and circulates oxygen to the brain and face. Due to such benefits, it is popularly known as the king of Asana.

How to align for a supported headstand?

Are you repeatedly trying to kick your legs in this pose? Well, you are doing it wrong! Instead, involve your core muscles and raise your legs with balance. Initially, practice this pose against a wall.

Once you are confident, then no support is required.

A word of caution: If you have some menopausal issues, eye diseases, neck injuries, or elevated blood pressure, don’t perform this yoga pose.

4. Cat/cow pose

How is it good for women?

Do you often suffer from severe menstrual pain? Practice cat/cow pose. It will effectively eliminate your menstrual pain and make your body flexible.

This remarkable yoga can also achieve the strengthening and straightening of the spine for a woman.

How to align for cat/cow pose?

  • Okay, move in your yoga room, come in the yoga rug and get into the tabletop position such as place your knees exactly below you and your hands below your shoulder. Keep your spine neutral and involve the core.

  • Raise your head and tailbone in such a way that it looks like a cow. Remain in this pose for a few seconds and switch to the cat pose.

  • You just need to lift your spine towards the ceiling, and you are in cat pose. Move-in your hips and chins inward to the chest.

5. Warrior II pose

How is it good for women?

Have you been on your toes all day? You must need to ground your mind and relax. But how? Simply via warrior II pose.

It offers great benefits, such as boosts energy, release stress, etc. This powerful pose stretches the chest, thighs, hips, abdomen, and shoulder. It also grants you a firm core and toned arms.

How to align for warrior II pose?

Stand straight with your feet wide apart. Turn your right foot to the front of the yoga rug and your left foot at 30 degrees.

Lift your arms upward to the shoulder level with your palm facing the floor—curve of your right knee in a lunge position.

Gently pull your abdomen in and tuck down your tailbone. Breathe for five times through your nose and repeat the same after a rest.

Some other positive changes from yoga for woman

You will feel that you are returning to the best of your health.

  • The deep breathing will positively impact you and make you feel how important our breathing is.

  • Inhaling will enchant a positive vibe in your personality, and you will become more lively and peaceful.

  • Your energy level will boost, and your mind will be relaxed.

  • The powerful and best feelings of patience, love, happiness, and positivity will take control of your life.

Last Words

Summing up, modern women are expected to handle a lot of things at one time. They need to manage their family, work and home, etc. this busy and challenging lifestyle keeps them from time.

Women lack their personal space and continue to perform daily tasks without any break. All this ends up in stress, lethargy, and irritability.

At this point, perfect yoga for a woman is an excellent tool for self-care.

What are you waiting for? Get into the yoga room, perform these yoga poses regularly and Give yourself the best gift!

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