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What You Need to Know About Siddha Yoga

Siddha yoga was established by Muktananda. It is a spiritual path based primarily on eastern philosophies.

It gets many of its teachings from the Indian yogic tests of Vedanta, and Kashmir Shaivism.

Today, the organization is headed by Gurumayi Chidvillasanda. The spiritual head teaches students to be aware of their inner self.

This awareness will help them transform themselves, plus the world in which they live in.

The Siddha yoga normally begins with shaktipat disksha. The path is accessible and engaging.

It can be directly applicable to the many challenges, as well opportunities of the modern fast-paced life.

Its central element, shaktipat-disksha, is literally translated as the initiation by descent of the divine power, wherein the Kundalini Shakti of the seeker is awakened.

This is to be done only by the Guru. The moment it becomes active, the inner power can support the seeker’s efforts of attaining self-realization.

Siddha yoga is also known as the “perfect yoga” or the “perfected yoga”. The term Siddha is a Sanskrit word which as adopted by Muktananda to describe the path of self-realization.

The Teachings

Can you imagine look at the world your live in, and recognizing divinity in everything that you see and the people you to meet daily?

Just see yourself facing every situation in your life with the strength and delight that come only with the certainty of the divine that is inside you.

The teachings of Siddha yoga ensure that this attainment is not just possible, it is actually your birthright.

The goal is self-realization with the unyielding experience of yoga or being one with God. Within each and everyone of us, behind our body, mind, and ego is divine power.

The practice of yoga helps you understand this divine power, the Self, and unify your actions, your thoughts and your words with it.

The Shaktipat (spiritual initiation) is the key to finding this divine vision of ourselves. When you receive Shaktipat, you find the entrance to your own inner spiritual realms.

The teachings are based on the spiritual traditions of Vedanta, and Kashmir Shaivism, and from the experience of the enlightened Siddha masters.

The Practices

Students perform the practices to be able to touch and widen their inner mystical state until they become one with god.

These practices are meditation, chanting, retreats, service, etc.

Every practices can give you a taste of your essential nature – serenity and increased awareness of meditation or the joy of chanting.

Virtues are developed, like love and detachment derived from selfless service and generosity.

Continuous learning and contemplation of the teachings will make you understand all of your experiences. It will also inspire you to dig deeper.

Each follower will find their own unique combination of the different practices depending on their own inner wisdom.

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