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What is Om Yoga?

In yoga practice, there are many different kinds of mantra and sacred chants that can be used.

These chants can have single words, single syllables, or sentences.

They may be perfectly intelligible or amazingly mystifying.

The bija (or seed) mantras are single-syllable mantras. They are easiest to learn and recite. These single-syllable mantras are said to be the most powerful of all mantras.

Practitioners believe that just as one tiny seed can become a majestic tree, every bija has huge amounts of spiritual wisdom and creative force.

One of the oldest and most popular of the bija mantras is om.

Om is often referred to as pravana, which has a literal meaning of humming.

Pravana is derived from the term pranu or to reverberate, and from the root word nu, which means to praise or command.

It also means to sound or shout. It’s a perceptible expression of the divine and incomparable ground of reality.

Om is known as the primordial seed of the universe. It is also recognized as the root mantra, which is where all the other mantras come from.

Om yoga encompasses the thousands verses from the Vedas, Hinduism’s holiest texts. According to the Katha Upanishad, om is recognized as the “word which all the Vedas rehearse.

Patanjali, author of the Yoga Sutra and known as the father of classical yoga, taught that when you recite om and contemplate on its meaning, your consciousness becomes “one-pointed” and it prepares you for meditation.

Om Yoga

Om (also spelled as aum) actually has four syllables:

1st syllable – a sound, which is pronounced from the back of your throat – awe

2nd syllable- u sound from aum, which is pronounced as a long oo

3rd syllable – the mmmmm sound, as if you are seeing food that you love. You’ll have to close your eyes and let the third syllable vibrate around the mouth and lips.

4th syllable – is the complete and beautiful silence which is a representation of the infinite space in the universe.

The silence would be profound and becomes more meaningful than the actual chant. After the om yoga session, continue to sit and savor the stillness and feel the power and sacred energy from this mantra.

What is the energy you get from this?

These three letters, aum, embody the Shakti, which means “divine cosmic energy”. There are three characteristics of the Shakti, these are creation, preservation, and liberation. These are what makes this sacred mantra extremely powerful.

Aum is considered as the fundamental sound of the universe. It is in everything around you and everything that is within you.

When you recite this powerful chant, no matter how confidently or timidly you do so, you still reinforce and recognize your own connection to all the living beings around you, the earth, and the entire universe.

You probably didn’t know that om yoga has a physical effect on your body. Science says that it slows down your nervous system, it helps release toxins from the body, and effectively calms your mind.

When you are in the state of relaxation, your blood pressure is regulated, thus leading to a healthier and happier you.

So, close your eyes, find the very center of your being, and recite the om yoga.

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