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What is Karma Yoga?

Yoga is the concept of oneness. There are four paths of yoga, these are:

Raja Yoga – The yoga of mind and body control. Main focus is meditation and energetics.

Bhakit Yoga – The path of devotion. The main focus of Bhakit Yoga is the worship of the divine.

Jnana Yoga – The yoga of wisdom. It encourages the study of ancient scriptures.

Karma Yoga – The yoga of action.

Karma Yoga

The focal point of karma yoga is purifying the heart by learning how to be selfless in the service of others.

Karma yoga teaches us kindness and compassion without expecting anything in return. Doing so will help you to step away from your own ego.

It also |allows you to take a step further into the path of enlightenment.

According to the ancient spiritual philosophy, Vedanta, there is an impurity in people’s minds, known as Mala.

The main concept of Mala is that the motivation of one’s actions is for self-gain. The mala drives you to achieve your goals, in the sense of fame, wealth, accreditation, and material success.

This selfish attitude makes you forget that you are more than your body, your emotions, and your identity.

Dispelling the Mala

For people who are busy with their daily lives, Vedanta tells you to practice karma yoga.

This is the path of action. The concept is that your intention is intertwined within your actions, which may result to more actions, and the ongoing state of your mind (which is known as karma).

Your actions often come with the underlying question, “How do I benefit from this,” expecting to get results or appreciation of your actions.

With karma yoga, you will eliminate this kind of attitude and instead act selflessly, without expecting any reward.

You act only for the joy of being able to do something good, without expecting a particular outcome.

The Bhagavad Gita says that those who act selflessly are able to transcend the cycle of karma.

It can free you from the bondage of suffering because you cease to expect anything. What remains is just “things as they are”.

When you stop expecting, you find peace. According to the texts written in the Xinxin Ming Doist texts, “The Great Way is effortless for those who have no preference”.

Turn Intentions into Small Actions

It can be challenging to let go and act without expecting in return – today’s busy society doesn’t make it possible.

But you can still do it and make a difference!.

It can be done starting with small acts that you do daily, like doing the laundry or washing the dishes.

Or simply doing a random act of kindness, without expecting to be rewarded or appreciated. Build on these tiny acts, letting go of all your expectations gradually.

After a while, you might begin to notice that your intentions for your actions are transforming.

The connection to the deep truth into your heart is re-established as the Mala loosens. As you continue with this, your whole experience of living becomes broader and less independent on the identify that your mind perceives you to be.

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