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What is Aromatherapy Massage? Benefits, Precautions, & Tips

Have you ever thought about how famous Hollywood celebrities get pampered? How they recharge themselves after the long flights and lengthy shootings? Well, they unwind themselves with the aromatherapy massage.

And if you the one who is interested in healing with the minimal use of drugs and wants to fade away the stress of the day within minutes. Then, invest your time and money in the aromatherapy massage.

Like all the natural treatments, aromatherapy massage also uses essential oils. When you breathe essential oils, they produce various health benefits.

An aromatherapy massage is a holistic Swedish massage therapy performed with the lotion or massage oil having essential oils. Marguerite Maury was the first who came up with the idea of aromatherapy massage in the 1960s. And now, hospitals are also considering various types of aromatherapy massages due to its ability to treat anxiety and depression.

What is an Aromatherapy Massage?

Skillful use of the hands-on the body's soft tissues to stimulate the blood flow and relieve the muscle tension is massage. Contacting the skin through touch and rubbing it in a particular manner provides physiological comfort. Why is it so? Because stroking the skin releases the happy hormone, endorphin, which naturally lowers the stress hormones and reduces the anxiety.

In this massage, the essential oils are used to manipulate the muscles and induce euphoria.

Aromatherapy Massage Benefits

Aromatherapy massage therapy is popular due to its huge benefits on the mind and body. A few of the benefits are listed here.

1. Promotes Healing

The aromatherapy massage uses the breathe essential oils that have exceptional healing power. Especially sweet Marjoram essential oil is relaxing oil that reduces the muscle spasms and speeds up injuries.

2. Heightens Relaxation

A massage, together with aromatherapy, relaxes the senses and encourages the stress release. The well-known essential oils that eliminate anxiety are lavender essential oil, sandalwood, oil, rosewood essential oil, and vanilla oil.

3. Reduces Headache

The people who mostly suffer from the headache should perform the aromatherapy massage to relief from pain. Peppermint oil and ylang-ylang are the best to conquer severe and constant headaches.

4. Helps with PMS

Aromatherapy massage benefits are also found effective in coping up with premenstrual syndrome. The increased sensitivity to pain, bloating, and depressive thoughts are the PMS's unpleasant markers, which can be decreased by the aromatherapy massage. Commonly birch, patchouli, and jasmine oils are used for PMS.

5. Promotes Restful Sleep

Suppose you are one who suffers from bouts of insomnia. A calming aromatherapy massage is suggested for you to improve the sleep. Receive the lavender aromatherapy massage in the evening or late afternoon and enjoy the restful sleep.

Other oils that promote sleep are spikenard oil and marjoram essential oil.


There are numerous risks attached to the aromatherapy massage. These might be due to the sensitivity of the essential oils used during the massage. The common allergic reactions are redness, itching, rash, hives, etc. to avoid these harmful effects, it is recommended to dilute the oil with carrier oil before use.

Furthermore, the FDA's lacks the approval of breathe essential oils which are also associated with adverse effects. Ensure their approval by regulatory bodies for safety and effectiveness.

If you have the bruises, tumors, or unhealed wounds over your skin, avoid massaging those affected parts.

The cancer patients or those suffering from other health conditions should consult the doctors before Aromatherapy massage because the unsuitable essential oil can aggravate the disease.

Massaging the areas with a blood clot is highly contraindicated.

Top Tips for Aromatherapy Massage

For Masseurs or Massage Therapists

Prepare Massage Oil: Choosing an essential oil based on your skin hydration level and other needs is important to sign up for the aromatherapy massage. Combine the oils with carrier oil and get the desired effects. For instance, select the citrusy scents to improve your mood or eucalyptus to relieve the pain.

Patch Test the Oils at the small portion of the skin to avoid overstimulation at the sensitive skin.

Keep the Hands Warm: Massaging with the cold hands is more likely to result in muscles' contraction and increased pain. So warm up the hands before touching.

Keep it Gentle and Slow: Stroking the hands hardly on the skin promotes pain awareness and heightens skin irritation. So a gentle contact should always be maintained with the skin. Moreover, to make the massage more relaxing and peaceful, play a piece of soothing, slow background music.

Avoid Using Too Much Oil: Applying excess of essential oil can lead to the slippage of hands over the skin, which can be quite bothering. So it is advisable to use almond oil or grapeseed oil. As they readily absorb in the skin and prevent the dragging.

Note: If your hands frequently slip over the recipient's skin, then there are many chances that the subject is uncomfortable. If after 10 minutes, you find him relaxed and breathing deeply. Just dot say a word because if you got the hands of a magician.

For Massage Recipients

If you find sensitivity or irritation from the oil, ask the masseurs to stop the application right away.

After your massage, drink plenty of water or have some snacks.

Immediately at the end of the massage, take a warm bath to remove excessive oil from the body.

A full stomach massage can upset your stomach, so don't go for it.

Do You Know? The massaging the preoperative patients with lavender oil make them less anxious about their surgery.

Summing Up!

An aromatherapy massage is a holistic healing method that doesn't involve drug usage. It can promote your physical and mental wellbeing. A massage mostly done by a specialist will ultimately improve your mood, reduce the pain sensations, and enhance the self-care routine.

Get your aromatherapy massage sessions with the personalized blend of essential oil and feel pampered in the celebrity style.

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