Top 10 Bikram Yoga Poses to Practice

'Yoga is the journey of the self, through the self and to the self.' Yoga is a great practice to improve your self-being, but Bikram yoga can do wonders for you.

The after-effects of Bikram yoga are lifelong that will transform you into a whole new mortal. It's just about using your tensile strength, breathing right, improving flexibility, and ready to be in a sweat.

You might have noticed that most Yoga instructors hold their classes in a warm, comfortable area, be it an open-air or a room specifically designed for yoga practices.

Bikram yoga, also known as 'hot yoga,' is pure yoga that utilizes heat as part of the Practice. It is one of the challenging types of yoga, not because of its twisty and bendy poses but due to its strict requirement to be practiced in a heated room that causes you to sweat.

It is especially popular because it is attributed to the number of health benefits it brings to an individual. It is recommended to the sufferers of anxiety and depression, people who have back and joint problems, anyone looking to lose his/her weight, and much more.

Practicing in a warm environment improves muscle flexibility and movement through increased muscular relaxation. It also aids in blood circulation throughout the body by giving a deep sense of well-being, vibrant health, and a peaceful mind.

In Bikram yoga, every new posture is molded on the previous one. The poses' order is the concoction of asanas, breathing (pranayama), Western understanding of autonomy, and deep meditation.

The East-West combination of Bikram yoga brings phenomenal health benefits to all sorts of problems caused by poor posture, overeating, stress, and helps you enjoy a stress-free lifestyle. Now let's have a look at some of the popular Bikram yoga poses to practice.

1. Pranayama | Deep Breathing

Bikram yoga poses a deep breathing exercise with imagery or a focus word to keep you focused. This will support the relaxation of the mind and body. Utilizing the maximum lung capacity, deeply inhale and exhale to increase the oxygen supply to the body. Practice this for 3-4 minutes in the standing position.

2. Ardha-Chandrasana with Padahastasana | Half Moon Pose

This posture consists of three sub-parts; half-moon side bend, hands to feet bend, and half-moon backbend. This is to strengthen the abdominal muscles and spinal erector muscles that relieve the stiffness in the legs and hips. It also improves the flexibility of your spine, allowing the central nervous system to function optimally.

3. Utkatasana | Awkward Pose

Next is the awkward pose or habitually known as a 'Chair pose' in modern yoga; the pose is designed to strengthen the lower legs muscles by increasing the blood circulation to the lower parts of the body.

It opens up the pelvis and tones up your lower muscles. This pose is considered a true form of yoga for women as it helps in relieving the menstrual cramps. Lastly, it also enhances the flexibility of your ankles and feet.

4. Garurasana | Eagle Pose

Following the awkward pose, the eagle pose is an extended yoga to stretch your shoulders. When you twist your arms together, you don't only stretch your shoulders, but by pushing your elbows down, you stretch your chest and squeeze the lymph nodes in your armpits as well.

This pose boosts your immunity. The same will happen with the lymph nodes in the lower body when you twist your legs. This pose also teaches you how to balance yourself on one foot.

5. Dandayamana-Janushirasana | Head to Knee Pose

This posture engages your entire body by stretching the legs, core, and arms. A precaution should be taken not to speed up the pose; otherwise, it will result in an injury.

6. Dandayamana-Dhanurasana | Standing bow Pose

The following head to knee pose is the standing bow pose. Bikram practitioners believe that it is the only pose with a circulation effect of flowing blood from one side of the body to the other, thus equalizing it. Additionally, it improves spinal flexibility and your posture while also improving the overall muscular strength.

7. Tuladandasana | Balancing Stick Pose

Commonly known as the one-legged pose, this cardiovascular pose benefits you in just 7-10 seconds. It clears away the blocked arteries by forcing the heart to pump blood faster and improve the body's blood circulation.

It alleviates the spinal stress while improving the flexibility of the shoulders, hamstrings, and hips. It aids in increasing stamina and endurance.

8. Trikonasana | Triangle Pose

'Trikonasana' is a Sanskrit word whose literal meaning is 'three corners.' It's a stretched legged posture that's great for hip flexibility. It aids in strengthening the joints of the lower body and improves the functioning of the pelvis.

It also provides comfort from the sciatic nerve and disc relocation. A few of the psychological benefits are that it teaches you how to cope with distress.

9. Tadasana | Tree Pose

Tree pose is a balancing asana in Bikram yoga. Research has indicated exceptional results for practicing this yoga. It helps in treating hernia.

Since the pose demands pressurizing the ankles, knees, and hips, the pose increases the flexibility and mobility of hips, knees, and ankles. It also strengthens the internal oblique, quadriceps, and calves.

10. Savasana | Corpse Pose

Here the doer is expected to pose like a dead body to relax his mind and body to increase mindfulness.

Once you lie down straight on your back, inhale and exhale deeply to circulate the oxygen in your blood. Keeping yourself focused and relaxed because relaxation will help you cure insomnia and induce effective sleep.

Final Thoughts

So before the Bikram yoga poses listed along with the therapeutic effects on health, it's highly recommended to release stress and anxiety.

A significant aspect of Bikram pure yoga is that it detoxifies your body of unwanted toxins and chemicals.

If done correctly and carefully, it's a fun pastime and a healthy form of exercise that helps burn calories, improve your concentration level, and improve your immune system.

This yoga is not specifically yoga for women, but rather it's equally beneficial to men. If you haven't tried this yet, I think you should taste its benefits by trying it.

You'll feel fantastic and will transform into a whole new person after just a few sessions.

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