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Power Flow Yoga and Its Health Benefits

Have you ever practiced power flow yoga? Did it affect your mind and body positively? Of course, it must have.

Yoga is an ancient practice that affects people both physically and spiritually. It is associated with a trouble-free life and meditation. In Europe, people consider yoga as a spiritual lifestyle for fitness.

Unlike most people, some have the misconception that yoga is only related to stretching. So when these same people come out of their power flow yoga session, exhausting and dripping in sweat, they come to know the real health benefits of power yoga.

In this yoga blog, we will throw a light on power flow yoga and its health benefits. Let’s hop into the main discussion.

What is power Flow Yoga?

Power flow yoga is a generally used term for the highly accelerated vinyasa yoga practice. Vinyasa refers to the arrangement of something in a certain way.

It means that in vinyasa yoga, the poses and asana are arranged in continuous flow. Power yoga is the flow of the movements and postures without focusing on one pose for a long time.

This famous yoga has no routine; instead, the trainers offer their specific poses to the yogis.

The diverse and intense postures ensure the unpredictability of the power flow yoga and decrease the chances of burnout.

So if you are enthusiastic about practicing something intense, power flow yoga is the right choice.

The history of power Yoga

Beryl Bender Birch and Bryan Kest are the two most renowned names who coined the term power yoga in the late 1980s.

Beryl was the writer and yoga practitioner who used to teach Ashtanga yoga poses to the students in New York.

She believed that some of the postures were challenging to most of the runners and even athletes.

So Beryl modified the Ashtanga yoga poses and make it for athletes – simple strengthening and stretching.

She considered it a warm-up yoga that drips off sweat. Then Beryl named it ‘yoga for athletes’ and finally renamed it into the term ‘power yoga.’

Simultaneously Bryan Kest was also working on power yoga in Santa Monica. Bryan was trying to make power flow yoga easily accessible to everyone, so he pondered over the term ‘Grandma Yoga’ because he desired to welcome even grandmas in the yoga class.

Benefits of practicing power Flow Yoga

1. Enhance the strength and flexibility

Power yoga is popularly famous for toning the body and strengthening the muscles. It stretches the overall body muscles, which improves flexibility.

The increased blood flow boosts immunity and reduces the risk of severe injuries.

2. Helps in the weight loss

The vigorous and strenuous power flow yoga is highly beneficial for heart health. The increased cardiac benefits aids in burning off the excess calories and toning the muscles.

Although power yoga doesn’t affect the body in the same manner as other physical activities, it resists weight gain.

The improvement in metabolic activity will benefit you a lot if you are health conscious.

3. Improves the healing properties of the body

Are you more prone to various diseases? Do you easily get diseased due to your weak immunity?

Power flow yoga is the best solution for your chronic ailments. It deals with anxiety, insomnia, cancer, arthritis, and depression.

Also, the daily fatigue and increased heart rate can be reduced by this yoga. It is famous for detoxifying the harmful chemicals from the body and improving blood circulation.

4. Aids you to relax

Power flow yoga lowers the stress level and mitigates anxiety and depression. If you often feel a bad mood or lose concentration on any task, it is best for you as it improves overall well-being and puts your mind to rest.

5. Develops balance in different ways

Holding your body for an extended period of time in the same pose urges you to develop physical balance.

According to yoga experts, the balance practiced in yoga workouts helps to widen your thoughts. It allows you to keep the worst situations under control.

Why won’t we all try this magic!

6. Increases self-love

Doing power yoga is an incredibly awesome way to enjoy increased self-confidence and self-love.

This full-body workout keeps you highly energized and makes you feel powerful or strong. Just enjoy the best version of yourself!

7. Allows a perfect good night sleep

The intense power flow yoga stretches and strengthens every part of the body. It relaxes the mind and improves its concentration level.

Don’t you think these are all highly demanded ingredients for better sleep?

8. Eliminates the digestive disorders

The turning and twisting while practicing the power yoga compress the digestive system and massages the vital organs.

Moreover, the reduction in anxiety and depression due to this yoga also plays a significant role in improving the optimum digestive system health.

9. Improves the regulation of hormones

The harmful chemicals in the body and stress are the major causes of the disrupted hormonal system, and power flow yoga can overcome these problems.

Certain yoga poses trigger the thyroid, pituitary, and adrenal glands and helps the body to work in a much better way.

10. Lowers the increased blood pressure

Power flow yoga has a major impact on high blood pressure. It relieves the stress, improves mindfulness, and positively impacts the dietary choices; all these factors cumulate together and deal with the increased blood pressure.

Last words

Are you excited to get started the power flow yoga? Well, we recommend that no matter if you are a newbie, gear up and begin your power yoga journey.

Due to the tremendous benefits, most of the celebrities practice power yoga. They play a significant role in promoting yoga.

Thoroughly read this yoga blog; take the power of yoga as a challenge and come up with the best of yourself.

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