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Om Yoga – What Are Its Benefits?

It might be frightening to enter the yoga class for the first time. People practicing the strange poses, rapid breathings, and unpleasant smells all over the yoga room seem intimidating to someone new to the yoga world.

As a new yogi, you are also hesitant about such things. Om yoga chants might be embarrassing and weird for you.

The irony is that once you join the Om yoga class, it would become your absolute favorite. You would feel a lot more comfortable to practice it.

Want to know how Om yoga is beneficial? If yes, then you have landed in the right place because, in this yoga blog, we will help you to explore the benefits of Om yoga.

Deep meaning behind Om yoga chant

You often have listened to the word Om at the beginning and end of the yoga class but don't know its exact meaning. So before we dive into its benefits, let's discuss what Om yoga is.

Om is the powerful, non-personal, and holy sound of the universe that lies within humans and connects them with others. It signifies the Divine Reality of the Supremacy. For thousands of years, it is practiced continuously to enlighten the soul.

"AUM" is the often-used spellings of Om. Two Millennia discovered the sacred syllabus of Om and composed its three constituent parts.

A signifies the state of mindfulness.

U depicts the dream state of mind.

M stands for the deep sleep state of mind.

Shortly, AUM shows all the present, past, and future.

The energy flows throughout the human body through soothing sounds and breathing, and it is known as Prana. Prana is much similar to the flow of electricity through wires.

Om yoga therapy produces relaxing and meditative sounds in our minds. Hindus, Buddhists, Sikhs, and Jains consider the sound of Om really sacred and blissful.

How to chant Om?

  • While chanting Om, get on the yoga rug, sit cross-legged with a straight back and head.

  • Shut your eyes and inhale deeply. Then slowly breathe out and start chanting Om.

  • Repeat the breathing exercise almost three times and feel the vibration of Om sound through each of your body cells.

Benefits of Om yoga

Om Yoga is the embodiment of divine energy, which relaxes the body and mind. Chanting Om yoga daily gives salvation and connects you with your spirit. Further benefits of Om yoga are as follows:

1. Helps relieve stress

Practicing Om yoga regularly reduces the limbic system's activity, which is the part of the brain related to stress, motivation, and other emotions. It relaxes the brain and reduces stress, anxiety, and depression.

The Om mantra purifies the atmosphere that instills the positive energy around you and makes you feel stress-free.

2. Improves stomach health

Om yoga chant is also good for the stomach. It relaxes the stomach muscles and presses the digestive system, which improves stomach health.

So if you often have stomach issues, then Om yoga is the perfect solution for you.

3. Enhance spirituality

Chanting Om eliminates the toxins from the body and mind, which keeps you energetic. It develops a positive space that helps you to control your feelings and emotions.

So regular chanting enhances the spirituality and imparts a glow on the face.

4. Elevates the confidence level

When one feels awkward, start listening to the Om mantra. It strengthens the voice and enhances confidence.

Further, Om yoga demands you to get out of your comfort zone, which leads to the breakdown of the ego.

Making the strange sounds among the people takes off your attention and matches you with the surrounding people.

5. Relaxes the mind

Om yoga is a tool that manifests positivity in one's life. It relaxes the mind and helps to gather the positive vibes into the body. If you chant Om regularly, you can easily control your anger.

6. Balances emotions

Are you feeling slightly off or down these days? Practice Om yoga chants every day and maintain a balance in your emotions.

As you chant Om, you may notice that you get relaxed and your mind gets rid of negativity. This is because you are focusing on the sounds and vibrations of Om.

The frequency of Om is similar to everything in nature, which helps you to look inward.

7. Betterment in heart health

For many years meditation is considered to be good for heart health. So if you practice Om yoga chants multiple times in a row, it becomes similar to meditation.

Moreover, listening to the Om mantra in absolute silence alleviates the blood pressure, reduces the risk of heart diseases, and improves the cardiac and autonomic nervous system's functioning.

8. Other health-related benefits

Om yoga therapy also improves the self-healing power and boosts immunity. A strong immune system reduces the risk of severe injuries and saves the human body from different diseases.

Chanting Om also provides relief from sinus issues. When you feel the Om mantra's vibration, the sinuses open up, and vocal cords get clear.

According to the research, Om yoga also significantly impacts the spinal cord and improves its efficiency.


With time, the lifestyle of people is changing. The laziness, late-night working, unhygienic food items, and video games become a part of their lives, disturbing the body cycle.

This imbalance is resulting in stress, anxiety, and depression. But practicing humming Om every day assures an improved sleep - wake-up cycle and releases stress.

Chants Om every day and embraces the beauty of life!

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