Learn the Benefits of Lime Essential Oil

Lime zest and lime essential oil contain at least 60 beneficial compounds. Lime is considered an exotic citrus. The botanical name of lime is Citrus arantifolia.

Lime is known as a hybrid of other fruits, which include mandarin orange, citron, and pomelo. Limes are said to have originated from the Southeast Asia region.

Lime zest literally gives you a zest for life. It is a known aroma oil which have a distinctive scent. Essential oil is often produced through distillation and cold-pressing.

The cold-pressed variety of lime is said to be better because all the healthy compounds are retained from the rind.

When should you use lime essential oil and not fresh lime?

If you are using the certified pure grade of essential oil, you can be sure that they are:

  • Concentrated

  • Pure

  • Long lasting

  • Diffusible

  • Portable

  • Helps reduce sugar intake

  • Used in deodorants

  • Helps reduce spoilage of fresh fruits and vegetables

The drawback of using fresh lime is that they tend to be fragile, whether it is kept in the refrigerator or on the kitchen counter.

What are the benefits of lime essential oil?

  • Contains antioxidants.

Lime oil has antioxidant properties. Lime oil “hunts” for harmful compounds called free radicals. Lime oil is also known to reduce the production of harmful compound derived from the breakdown of fats, called lipid peroxidation.

  • Lime oil may help reduce inflammation.

Inflammation is one of the main contributors to a growing number of health problems today.

According to a study, lime oil can effectively reduce a hard to treat inflammatory chemical known as 5-lipoxygenase. The reduction of this compound helps manage the symptoms of asthma, an example of an inflammatory disease.

Lime oil helps reduce allergy symptoms as it reduces mast cell granulation and inflammatory eosinophils.

  • Lime oil may be good digestion.

The active compound in this essential oil called limonene, shows a lot of promising effects and there are even no harmful side effects being reported.

Lime oil helps reduce digestive spasms and pain. Limonene protects the stomach from a common infection known as H. Pylori.

Lime oil also helps increase the amount of mucin production, which protects the stomach walls from being damaged.

Limonene in lime oil is also known to [elevate | increase] heat shock protein, which has a lot of benefits. Some people use citrus oils like lime to help prevent nausea.

Citrus oils are not known to have negative side effects. Some users report improvements in their digestive function when they started to use lime oil.

  • May help you lose weight.

Lime oil could reduce your food intake, this may lead to weight gain. Limonene are known to reduce liver fat, blood fat, and fat cell size. It is interesting to note that the mere aroma of lime oil may help reduce your appetite.

  • May help improve mood.

Lime essential oil have long been known to brighten anyone’s mood. The oil has an instant effect on the brain by affecting the limbic system, and then your memory and emotional response.

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