Karma Yoga - What Is It, And How Can It Be Practiced?

Have you heard of Karma? Of course, you must have. What about karma yoga? Are you aware of it? No! Don't worry. Today we will throw a light on yoga, particularly karma yoga.

Karma yoga is a traditional spiritual healing process.

In ancient times, yogis reject the world, get away from the community, and set themselves to live in a monastery or ashram for yoga therapy.

They would invest their entire life in spirituality, meditation, and serving human beings. They don't have any social life.

These were traditional yogis. But how can you perform karma yoga in this modern world? Well, you don't need to renounce your social life, friends, and family.

With only some right changes in your attitude, you can make a huge difference in your yoga therapy.

What is karma yoga?

In Sanskrit, the word Karma means "to do." According to Bhagavad Gita, Karma yoga is the yoga of performing the duties without any gain. It's the selfless love for the work with no attachment to results.

In Hinduism, it is commonly known as "yoga of action," which means moving towards self-satisfaction and meditation through the right actions such as prayer.

Bhakti yoga is the love and devotion for the master (God), while Jnana yoga is a way to knowledge and meditation. In Hinduism, karma yoga, Bhakti yoga, and Jnana yoga are the complete path to love. But among all, the yoga of action, i.e., karma yoga, is of utmost importance.

The key purpose of karma yoga is to provide aid to the practitioner to his spiritual journey. This pure yoga can be performed every time, from the very start. You can practice karma yoga all the time in the day.

Also, You can imply the use of this pure yoga in your daily life. Let's learn how to practice karma yoga.

How to practice karma yoga?

Live with love and happiness.

It is the rule of life that inner peace is associated with outer peace. Once your mind is calm and relaxed, you can easily conquer inner peace. How can you calm your mind? Focus on yourself, like your qualities, and find a way to focus on God.

Hindus believe that humans are part of God (Aham Brahmasmi). So if you want to reach a high level of spirituality, try to work on your negativities, fears, addictions, and aggressions and increase your positive qualities.

Meditations to find your inner peace

Meditation #1: Mantra

Sit on your yoga mat with the feet on your lap. Also, place your hands on lap and wonder about the Om Shanti Om mantra. Eliminate every other thought from your mind and live in Karma yoga.

Meditation#2: Goddess

Please put your hands together and rub them. Consider yourself as a goddess or Buddha and take yourself to the light of yoga with positivity, peace, and happiness. This is a perfect yoga therapy.

Meditation #3: Watching Television

Have you seen a negative person on your TV today? It's okay! The person is not negative. It is your thought the makes him so. Think of the mantra sentence and give a positive sentence about the person.

This will make a knot of positivity with your soul. Want to know the secret of happiness and peace? There is no rocket science behind this.

You only have to create a positive world in your brain. Believe that all the characters in the show are angles or Buddha's. You will enjoy satisfaction and happiness.

Work on your immoral action

The emotions like greed, jealousy, selfishness, fame, etc. are unethical and wrongful, content our hearts, but provide us continuous discomfort.

Once a person has bad intentions for others and puts efforts to hurt or harm, it is known as bad Karma.

However, karma yoga teaches us to eliminate such destructive emotions and embrace the ethical feelings of love and selflessness.

Offering help to others

Love, truth, freedom, and wisdom are the beauty of karma yoga. These positive emotions are supremely important in human life, as these force humankind towards the endless love of God.

Try to determine to whom you should offer help and what type of help. Also, know how you can help someone, so you don't have to go through the negative consequences.

Considering all these facts are the proof of divine Harmony and wisdom. Only in this way can you urge yourself towards the path of selfless love and help.

Swami Vivekananda believes that fulfilling the physical needs of others is also a precious help. For instance, you cover a person's needs for almost a month, year, or lifetime then it is indeed a huge divine help. In this way, you can set beautiful standards for humanity.

Listening to the insight

When you are on the verge of deciding the performance of a positive or good deed, listen to your intuition.

Sometimes it might be difficult for you, but you need to cultivate positive insight. For instance, you should involve yourself in a work that nourishes you and make you a sign of inspiration for others.

In this luxurious life, we often ask ourselves what to do? Do you also think in the same way? It's a dilemma, and to get out of it, you need to grab endless opportunities roaming around you.

If you get bored easily, find the solution to your boredom, and involve yourself in something interesting and exciting.

Try to feel natural because it will help you to grow and connect the work with your soul.

Summing up!

Karma yoga is a spiritual journey that doesn't demand any physical exercise or diet management. If you practice karma yoga with other yoga types such as hatha yoga, vinyasa yoga, etc., you can amplify other yoga's efficacy.

However, karma yoga with other yoga types (vinyasa yoga) is not necessary because karma yoga is sufficient to be performed individually. So, the karma yogis work on their spirituality and the right actions to get their health.

Have you incorporated karma yoga into your routine? Share your experience and feeling with us. We would love about your journey to positivity and happiness.

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