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How to Prepare Cannabis Olie Capsules At Home?

Are you bored of using cannabis through inhalation? Are you looking for some different ways to take cannabis olie?

Well, in this blog post, we have come up with a convenient and safe option for enjoying cannabinoid. And that is none other than Cannabis capsules.

Cannabis has been getting legal in America lately. The medical marijuana oil has been legalized in either form in about ½ of the US states and remaining states also considering legalization shortly. Similarly, Canadians also love cannabis and are making efforts to legalize it for adults. Unluckily!

This increased popularity is resulting in poor quality cannabis extract. Worry not! You can now Consume 100% safe cannabis extract in the form of canna capsules.

Cannabis capsules are usually not readily available in the local superstores, or if available at any dispensary, you need to pay high prices and taxes. So keeping that in mind, we have shared the recipe for making canna cap with cannabis olie.

Let's delve into the main discussion.

What are cannabis olie Capsules?

Cannabis capsules, popularly known as canna caps, are the pills containing cannabis extrakt combined with the oil to absorb cannabinoids better. The pills are subjected to have a premeasured dose of oil, which guarantees safety and efficacy. However, due to the first-pass effect, the potency of cannabis also decreases when the pill crosses the digestive tract.

What do you need to Prepare Capsules?

Get the main ingredients and tools before starting the preparation of cannabis capsules. The best thing is that you may already have some of the items in your home while others which you need to purchase will last longer, so this is quite a cheap method.

Here is the list of items required!

Cannabis either ground or decarded: The source for the canna caps is the cannabis. You can get either the concentrated or dried flower. To get high from cannabis capsule, you need to pass cannabis through decarboxylation. For decarboxylation, heat the concentrate or cannabis flowers at 115C for 30 min in the oven.

Coconut oil: 2 types of coconut oils can be used, i.e., liquid coconut oil or virgin coconut oil. But to get longer lasting capsules, use virgin coconut oil. Liquid coconut oil is not a bad option, but it may form leaky canna capsules.

Caution: Use virgin oil before the solidification of the mixture. Otherwise, the clogging will occur in the syringe.

Empty capsules: Purchase any empty capsules, either gelatin capsules or vegetarian capsules. Prefer the large sizes (size 00) because they are much easy to fill.

Capsule holding tray: Filling easy capsules by hand can be very tough, so the capsule holder holds the capsules and makes the preparation method much more manageable. If not available, you can drill the holes in a wood piece.

Syringe: It eases the capsule making process. It helps you to fill the CBD essential oil in empty capsules.

Graduated measuring glass: When you need an exact amount of oil, measuring glass is most suitable.

Cheesecloth: It is used to filter the extract and is readily available in the grocery stores.

How to prepare cannabis olie Capsules at Home?

Take cannabis buds, trims, and flowers (whatever you want)

The left-over of harvested cannabis is mostly used to prepare cannabis olie capsules. But you can also use flowers.

Decarb the Cannabis

To make cannabis olie capsules, decarbing is necessary. During decarbing, the cannabis is heated at the low flame for a particular time. To get the maximum benefits of cannabis or cannabis essential oil, it is necessary to decarb first.

Add Coconut Oil

After decarbing, add a sufficient amount of coconut oil to the product. Ensure that you add a measured amount of the oil because a high amount of oil can weaken the capsule and result in the leaks.

A quick tip: adding 6 tbsp of the oil in 4 g of herbs is quite a safe amount. It will produce approximately 30 to 40 canna capsules.

Infuse the Cannabis

Infusion of cannabis in coconut oil is mainly used to extract cannabis oil. For this, heat the mixture of coconut oil and cannabis at 90C and gently boil for 15minutes in a water bath. After removing from the water bath, cook the mixture for 60 minutes at low flame (approx.120C). It will ensure proper decarboxylation.

Warning: Don't exceed the temperature above 157C because, at high temp, the THC begins to evaporate.

Again put the mixture in a water bath and further at 90C heat for 120 minutes; the cannabinoids will be fully infused.

Straining and Filling Of Oil

After infusion, filter the mixture and strain the oil through the cheesecloth or sieve. Squeeze it well and draw all the oil from it.

Allow the infused oil to stand for 10 to 15 minutes under it cools to 40C. Meanwhile, take the oil through the syringe and fill it in the capsule but leave the margin of 1mm to facilitate the capsule's closing.

One by one, close the capsule manually and store them in the refrigerator. These canna capsules can be easily kept at a cool, dry place for six months.


The heating of the cannabis in the oil may produce an insanely bad smell. To minimize the smell, put the bottle up in the house, and run a fan. After filling the caps, run the scrubber and the fan and open the doors and windows later.

Depending upon your preparation method, the capsules may have strong potency, affecting the health badly. So it is recommended to dose slowly and gradually make it stronger. It will help you to test the amount of dose suitable for you.

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Final Words

Cannabis capsules are an easy way to ingest the cannabinoids. You have to put a little effort into getting the best quality. Also, You can get the maximum benefits without any bad flavor. So say goodbye to the earthy flavor of canna oil and enjoy the homemade cannabis olie capsules.

Drop us your experience with making the capsules in the comment section below.

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