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Hemp Oil for Pain Relief in Arthritis, Cancer and many more...

You often have experienced the worst pain. Right? Has it distracted you from the people around you or caused trouble in accomplishing the daily tasks? Of course, it must have! Every time you must have considered popping a pill that made not a big difference in your pain.

Are you fed up with taking such painkillers with a plethora of side effects and no pain relief? Well, we have come up with some natural remedies that might do the miracle.

That remedy is no other than the hemp oil, which is THC free and obtained from the cannabis plant.

Say goodbye to the fear of taking synthetic medications, and let's try some natural treatment for your body pains and aches. The statistics reveal that in 2019, 11% of people used hemp oil or hemp oil products either occasionally or regularly for pain relief.

So why don’t you give this magical product a try and enjoy the range of health benefits?

Hemp Oil Pain Relief – How Does It Happen?

You might be confused between the terms' hemp oil' and 'CBD oil.' But thanks to the marketing that helped people know the real importance and benefits of hemp seed oil.

The main reason behind the deception is that raw hemp oil is extracted from the seeds with traces of CBD, while CBD oil springs out from the plant.

It might seem to be a small difference, but it's a key one. You can easily buy the hemp seed oil from the stores; however, the CBD oil or full-spectrum hemp oil must be prescribed by CBD doctors.

Depending upon your pain type, ask your doctor to choose the CBD oil. So, both CBD oil and raw hemp oil relieve pain and aid in soothing the inflammation.

The Mechanism behind the Hemp Oil Pain Relief

Hemp oil contains a mixture of cannabinoids that act on the CB 1 receptors in the body.

Such receptors affect the ECS (endocannabinoid system), which controls various bodily functions like the nervous system, fluid production and pain.

Hemp oil binds with CB 1 receptors and prevents its activation, which effectively relieves the pain. Also, it prevents the inflammation associated with severe pain in arthritis, cancer, etc.

There is a similarity among the naturally produced cannabinoids and cannabinoids in the hemp plant, which are the hallmark of hemp oil's effectiveness.

Usually, the nutritious omega-three fatty acids are present in the hemp oil that significantly reduces inflammation.

On another note, hemp oil also contains gamma-linoleic acid, which produces the prostaglandin E1 in the body. PGE1 helps the ladies with premenstrual syndrome and erectile dysfunction in males.

Types of Hemp Oil to Relieve Pain

Various types of hemp oil are used for combatting pain, such as topical and edibles. The topical hemp oil containing products are creams, salves, lotion, etc.

The creams and ointments mixed with natural additives boost the pain-relieving effect. For instance, the mint essential oil in the hemp oil cream, when applied topically at the pain site, mint extracts and hemp work collectively to relieve pain.

So if you often experience joint pain or suffer from arthritis, preferably apply hemp oil.

Moreover, the edible hemp oil is used for cooking the favorite meals, dress salads, or simply eat it raw.

How to Use Hemp Oil for Pain Relief?

For mild or moderate pain: Whether you use raw hemp oil or full-spectrum hemp oil – every type contains CBD, which helps to soothe the pain.

If you prefer to use raw hemp oil, must try both dietary and topical form. The oil is non-comedogenic, so its topical application won't clog the pores. As dietary consumption is concerned, 1 tsp. per day is best.

For severe pain: you can get a recommendation from your CBD doctor to use full-spectrum hemp oil. Alternatively, some topical creams also impart alleged benefits for pain relief.

Moreover, you can also insert the full-spectrum hemp oil in the capsules or sprays and use them for pain relief.

Applications of Hemp Oil related to Pain Management

Here are some of the applications of hemp oil related to pain management

Hemp Oil and Rheumatoid Arthritis

Hemp oil possesses an anti-inflammatory effect, which benefits in rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis.

A study in 2016 also revealed that hemp oil is effective in controlling severe pain and swelling. Both topical and edible forms of hemp oil are helpful in soothing and healing joint pain.

Hemp Oil and Cancer

Cancer pain is the most severe form of pain that invades throughout the body. It results from inflammation or nerve pain. Often, persistent and severe cancer pain is treated with opioids.

Still, studies have revealed that both hemp oil and CBD oil are highly efficient in reducing the painful chemotherapy and cancer symptoms.

Hemp Oil and Headache

Although there is limited research on the treatment of headaches or migraines with hemp oil, few studies have disclosed the pain relief with marijuana and CBD products.

So hemp oil is an analgesic that plays an important role in activating the 5HT1 serotonin receptors and dealing with a severe headache.

Final Thoughts

If you encounter painful inflammation in your joints now and then and are resistant to CBD, hemp oil or other hemp-based cosmetics are best for pain relief. They are legal and natural with no side effects.

Both Consuming hemp seed together with the hemp oil can help you to get faster relief from arthritis. It is rich in nutritional value, which provides a reduction in internal and external pain.

Have you tried hemp oil for pain relief? Did it provide you with the best results? Well, we are sure that the incorporation of hemp oil in your routine must have staved off even your severe pain.

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