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Essential Oil Burner vs. Diffuser – What’s Your Pick?

Are you looking for the best method for diffusing essential oil in your room? Are you confused among the various choices out there? Well, in this blog, we will share the most fabulous ways of enjoying the essential oil and getting the maximum benefits from them.

Nowadays, diffusing the oils in the rooms is considered very effective for the physical and mental well- being.

The room filled with superb fragrance influences the mood positively and improves the quality of life. Sniffing the oils benefits the body even more. But aside from the type of oil, it is often asked which method we should use, either oil burner or diffuser, to spread the aroma and heal the inner soul.

Before we talk about the essential oil burner or the diffuser, we need to talk about the essential oils. What are they? How are they useful for us?

Essential Oils

Essential oils are the volatile chemical compounds used in aromatherapy to support health. They are usually extracted from the plants by the distillation or other mechanical methods. The aroma released by the oils can treat various health conditions such as stress, anxiety, headache, insomnia, inflammation, etc. They also have antimicrobial properties to fight against bacterial infections. The scented essential oils freshen up the homes and laundry.

Ways to Use Essential Oils

There are a large number of methods to use essential oils. A few of them are listed below.

Sprinkle few drops on a cloth and inhale it

Use in bathwater

Dilute with carrier oils and rub it on the chest

Dilute in massage oil

Put a few drops in boiling water and inhale the steam

Air sprays to aromatize the surroundings

Apart from all the methods, oil burners and diffusers are the most popular ones, so let's delve into the details about both ways and find out which one is best.

Essential Oil Burner

An aromatherapy oil burner is used to burn and vaporize the essential oil. Usually, a cup-shaped holder carries the oil that is heated gently by a candle or wick placed underneath. When the oil heats up, the vapors diffuse in the air and spread the aroma all around.

The bowl of oil burners is usually made up of copper or porcelain. However, a burner with a copper bowl produces a noticeable fragrance, so it is more suitable. While buying an aromatherapy burner, ensure that the distance between the candle and the bowl's base should be more than 6cm. It will avoid rapid heating and frequent refilling of oil.

Electric Aromatherapy Diffuser

An electric aromatherapy diffuser uses the kinetic energy (electricity) to spread the aroma in the air. It has a small compartment where few drops of oil are added with water. The electric current passes through these oil particles and turns them into the fine mist. Finally, under the high pressure, the oil mist passes through the pinhole and diffuses into the air.

Essential OIL Burner vs. Diffuser. Which One Is Better?

Here are the few of the key differences between the oil burner and diffuser. These will aid you in picking up the best for you.

Safer to Use

Generally, both oil burners and diffusers have their benefits. Both are equally important aromatherapy essentials. But as far as safety is concerned, diffusers are considered safer, as they do not need heat to produce the fragrance. So, they are generally recommended for homes with pets and kids.

However, in the presence of the burners, kids and pets cannot be left unguarded since they can be a hazard while you are sleeping or outside the home.

Safe Ways to Use an Oil Burner

⮚ To safely use the oil burner, pour a small amount of water in a top dish of the burner and add 3 to 5 drops of essential oil in it.

⮚ Put the burner on an elevated surface like a coffee table, desk, etc. to keep it away from the children.

⮚ Before leaving, the room must blow out the candle.

⮚ Periodically add the water in the burner, so it doesn't get black as the water dries up.

Last Longer

An essential oil burner lasts until the heating source, i.e., candle lasts. As long as the candle burns, the burner continues to work. However, the diffusers don't use candles so that they can be used for a longer time. They also don't require additional monitoring and checking. So the diffusers are longer lasting than burners.

Readily Available

In the past aromatherapy, burners were used in every household. They were widely available and comparatively easier to find. However, with the advancements and emergence of diffusers, nowadays, burners are not readily available. But you can easily find the aromatherapy diffusers in the local pharmacies or hardware stores nearby your house.

Easy to Maintain

Unlike diffusers, essential oil burners require regular maintenance. The molten wax and the soot need to be cleaned from the burner to enhance its efficiency. Diffusers not only require minimal maintenance, but most of them are maintenance-free.

Purity of Aroma

The heating of the oil in oil burners results in a slight change in the chemical composition. These changes make the oil impure. Inhaling this impure oil may have consequences. However, electric oil diffusers release a high-quality aroma.

How to Get the Most from the Essential Oil Burner?

Select the essential oil according to the mood you want to create for the entire day.

Shut the door to ensure that the aroma doesn't leave the room.

Enhance your space further either by candles or music.

Remember to use the same oil in the burner while taking a bath with essential oil. It will allow your body to absorb the same oil and enjoy its fragrance side by side.

Use the oil burner for about 30-40 minutes each time and at least 1 to 3 times per day.

Caution: Don't use the burner for more than 50 minutes as it can result in headaches.

So if you have both the oil burner and electric aromatherapy diffuser in your house, get them out. They will not only create a relaxing ambiance in your space but also lend an aesthetically appealing aura to your surroundings. The dim light in the decorative glass vessels will soothe your eyes.

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