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CBD Oil for Chronic Pain Management – all you need to know

Do you often experience chronic pain? Rely on the opioid and other painkillers for pain relief? Stop them right away because such medications are habit-forming and possess severe side effects.

What to take then? Want to know? Well, CBD oil or CBD containing products are the only pure solution for your intense pain.

Among the people suffering from severe chronic pain, cannabidiol is gaining popularity to remedy the pain.

CBD oil is often present in the marijuana plant, which is used as an alternative to painkillers in the cure of back pain, joint pain, etc.

Since ancient Chinese times, cannabis oil is considered to reduce inflammation, promote better sleep, and treat chronic pain. Keep reading the article to know the potential pain-relieving benefits of CBD oil.

Note: Importantly, most of the CBD oil lacks the compound, which is related to produce high symptoms, i.e., THC (tetrahydrocannabinol). So cannabidiol is non-psychotic with no effect on the brain.

What is cannabidiol (CBD oil)?

The cannabis plants like marijuana and hemp plants possess various types of chemical compounds. The type of breeding directly impacts the effect on the amount of CBD.

However, most CBD oil is extracted from the hemp plant, having higher CBD content.

Manufacturers use different extraction methods to extract the component, mixed with the carrier oil to produce CBD oil.

Whenever you decide to use CBD oil for any purpose, consult the CBD doctor for recommendations.

CBD oil and pain relief

Different researches suggest that CBD oil manifest the best effect for pain relief. It is a proven safe and effective component that impacts promising action for the pain. However, more research is required for confirmation. Here are some of the pain related benefits of CBD oil.

CBD oil for neuropathic pain

The nerve damage results in neuropathic pain, common in multiple sclerosis, herniation, or other injuries, etc.; scientific studies that cannabidiol not only helped with the chronic neuropathic pain but also outweighed the potential harms.

Use the dose of the CBD oil for the neuropathic pain as directed by the CBD doctor.

CBD oil is also equally effective for

  • Arthritic pain

  • Chronic pain

  • Cancer and chemotherapy-related pain etc.

In what ways can cannabidiol be used?

CBD oil and CBD based products can be taken either orally or applied topically on the skin. However, each of the ways has its own merits and demerits.

CBD oil by mouth

Whether taken directly or filled in the capsules, CBD oil enters the bloodstream through the digestive system.

However, one must be careful in selecting a dose because its onset depends upon the dose.

Besides, some other factors also affect oil, such as meal intake, stomach acids, etc.

For the daily dose, CBD doctors recommend using CBD capsules and discourage the intake of gummies, cookies, or some other edibles.

Moreover, taking the kanabidiol in liquid spray sublingually produces a significant effect within 15 – 45 minutes.

CBD oil on the skin

Topicals such as balms, ointments, and lotions can also be applied at the pain site. These products penetrate under the skin and produce a positive pain-relieving effect.

CBD oil via inhalation

Vaporizers and vape pens containing CBD oil produce vapor oil suitable for people with inflammatory arthritis.

The Centers for Disease Control and Penetration revealed that vaping CBD is widely associated with severe pulmonary disorders.

How much is the recommended dose of CBD?

Although there are no specific guidelines for CBD dosing, the clinical experts recommended some follow directions for people. Let's have a look at them.

  • Whenever you decide to take the pure CBD extract, keep in mind that carrier oil is added. Therefore, always consider the amount of the whole product and the amount of CBD.

  • Go slow. Begin sublingually with only a few mg of CBD, almost two times per day. If you don't feel much relief after almost a week, boost the amount of the product. If required, increase a small amount every week. However, after some time, if you feel relief in your pain, continue the dose two times every day. It would maintain the normal level of CBD in the bloodstream.

  • If you encounter some harmful effects, stop using CBD products right away and consult your CBD doctor.

  • If the treatment with only CBD is not beneficial, combine it with low THC.

  • Alternatively, if you live in a state where the use of marijuana is legit, with your doctor's recommendations, continue to use the CBD containing a shallow dose of THC.

Caution: Even at the low, THC can provide psychotic effects and make you high. It may create motor and balance problems. So, try to take THC containing products at night time when you sleep.

CBD oil and its availability

As marijuana is getting legalized over the US, CBD oil is getting rapidly available. You can find it across the USA in different forms such as capsules, tinctures, sprays, and creams.

Besides, many companies and dispensaries sell the CBD oil, so its use is legit in every American state.

When it comes to cannabidiol, the state's law varies greatly from state to state. So, you must confirm if the CBD is legal in your country or not.

Final thoughts

If you often experience chronic pain, you must have noticed a significant disruption in your sleep and an increase in depression.

Why not turn to safe, natural remedies, and focus on lifestyle changes like meditation, yoga, exercise, and some dietary changes.

Additionally, either topically or internally, CBD oil may help you improve your quality of life.

Use CBD oil and enter the pain-free world!

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