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CBD (Cannabidiol) To Lower the Blood Pressure

Are you a hypertensive patient? Are you looking for a proven method to reduce your elevated blood pressure? Well, CBD can confer health-related responses and lower your blood pressure.

Among every two people, one suffers from hypertension. Most of them don't even notice the rise in blood pressure because they don't feel any noticeable symptoms.

If you leave this disease untreated, the risk of developing heart-related issues may increase.

Typically diet and exercise are the best ways to prevent the rise in blood pressure. Despite this, you might have to take the pills having adverse effects.

But recently, scientists have studied that Cannabidiol can prevent the rise in blood pressure and the risks associated with it.

Read on the blog post to know about the blood pressure lowering effects of Cannabidiol. Let's dive into the details.

High blood pressure

If the blood pressure continuously measures above the normal level (120/80mmhg), it is considered high blood pressure.

It is the force exerted on the blood vessels by the blood. Blood pressure measurement is a vital sign for the diagnosis of every disease.

The rise and fall in the blood pressure depend upon the environmental, physical, and emotional stimulus.

If you experience small fluctuations in the blood pressure, then it's okay. A constant high level can lead to severe medical issues such as heart attack, aneurysm, and stroke.

Why does blood pressure rise?

The advancing age is the major factor that contributes to the increase in pressure. Besides, insomnia, anxiety, diabetes, smoking, and high salt intake are some other triggers.

Almost 33 percent of adults aged above 20 years experience hypertension. However, the prevalence of patients with high blood pressure increases in individuals of 60 years of age.

How does CBD lower blood pressure?

The answer to this question lies in that CBD can dilate the constricted blood vessels and lower anxiety, reducing blood pressure.

Also, Cannabidiol increases the vein diameter, which smoothly circulates the blood.

The anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties of CBD also reduce blood pressure.

1. CBD oil acts as a vasodilator

CBD essential oil appears to dilate the vessels, which helps to relieve the arterial pressure.

Contrary to this, due to the vasoconstriction, the arterial vessels narrow down, the flow of blood restricts, and blood pressure rises.

According to the research, the renin-angiotensin-aldosterone system (RAAS) causes vasoconstriction and causes hypertension.

Additionally, due to the hormone, sodium retention increases and blood pressure raises.

However, the vasodilation properties of CBD reduce the Blood pressure induced by physical and mental stress.

2. CBD reduces stress and anxiety

CBD also has a significant impact on alleviating symptoms of stress and anxiety, which are ultimately linked with high blood pressure.

Although stress acts as a catalyst for hypertension, how? When a person feels anxious, the body secretes a stress hormone (known as cortisol) that affects blood pressure.

Cannabidiol regulates the production of cortisol and decreases blood pressure. Also, CBD acts on the serotonin receptors that control mood changes hence eliminates anxiety.

3. CBD reduces inflammation

Usually, the inflammation is closely linked with the development of hypertension. The progression of blood pressure occurs due to the vasoconstriction, but the complete vasculature's remodeling also enhances the resistance.

The entry of the harmful foreign components in the body triggers the set of reactions to fight the infection, and as a result, inflammation occurs.

Furthermore, an abnormal immune response initiates the inflammatory response, which poses harm to the body tissues.

CBD interacts with all these stimuli and helps to reduce the inflammation in the body. It also lowers the oxidative stress that relaxes the arteries and lowers the rate of inflammation.

4. Analgesic properties of CBD

Another factor that contributes to the aggravation of high blood pressure is acute pain. CBD affects the pain receptors, relieves pain, and lowers blood pressure.

5. CBD, a hemodynamic regulator

Hemodynamics is the dynamics of the blood flow. The vascular system undergoes the homeostatic mechanism to regulate the internal environment.

According to body conditions, hemodynamic response changes. It majorly maintains the normal flow of oxygen, carbon dioxide, nutrients, and hormones.

Also, the blood flow regulates the osmotic pressure, blood pressure, and PH balance.

CBD, especially phytocannabinoids, has a higher effect in regulating the blood flow and conferring cardiovascular benefits.

All of the above properties of CBD directly or indirectly control blood pressure.

Is it safe to use CBD oil for hypertension?

Based on clinical research on animals and humans, CBD is regarded as a safe choice. It doesn't pose any severe side effects.

But before purchasing a CBD product, make sure that it doesn't contain higher than 0.3% of THC. Otherwise, you may experience psychotic effects.

Although CBD is safe to use, CBD effects may vary with the individual's age, gender, and health.

The formula and dosage forms containing CBD also have excipients, which play a significant role in side effects. The mild side effects of Cannabidiol are:



Stomach upset


Low blood pressure

It seems that CBD has side effects, but these are relatively lower than the other anti-hypertensive medications. It is a plant-based organic medicine whose overdose will not harm you.

Add a small dose of CBD essential oil (approximately 300mg) to your daily routine and improve your health.

However, starting from the even lower dose, i.e., 20 to 30 mg for high blood pressure, is a good choice.

Still, extensive research is required to explore the safety and efficacy of CBD for combating chronic high blood pressure. It is better that you talk to your doctor before the use of CBD.

Bottom Line

The awareness about the medical benefits of Cannabidiol is increasing with every passing day.

Greater than three-quarters of people know about its effects. Besides, scientific researchers are also proving the claim.

Some people use CBD to combat their anxiety, epilepsy, or insomnia, while others frequently use it for their hypertension and heart health issues.

Have you tried CBD to treat hypertension? Does it help to lower the blood pressure? Please share your experiences about the use of Cannabidiol in the comment section below!

We would love to hear from you.

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