CBD and Pets – Can It Help?

Have you ever had a cat struggling with arthritis or a dog diagnosed with hip dysplasia? If yes, then what have you done to fix their health problems? Well, you must have tried every best medicine to treat them. Right? But why not this time? You give a try to new miracle medicine known as CBD.

Your pets are the best companion in your life; they remain by your side at your best and toughest days of life. They offer you unconditional love throughout your life.

So having a furry friend is distressful. Did you know that for your four-legged companion, you can use the same cannabidiol (CBD), which you use for yourself? Its powerful healing properties can help them to overcome the specific ailments.

Before we start, let's see how CBD therapy affects the animal body.

CBD and Animals

CBD stands for cannabidiol; it is majorly present in the cannabis plant, containing approximately 113 cannabinoids, each with certain health benefits. Unlike THC, the CBD is sourced from the hemp, which has a minute amount of THC. So it is completely non-psychoactive, and it won't get your pet high.

The endocannabinoid system in all the mammals has CB1 and CB2 receptors, which allow the CBD to interact to manage the biological processes and positive effects on their health.

How Can CBD Help your Pets?

Let's have a look at how cannabidiol can maintain a balance in the body of your pet!

CBD, As Anticonvulsant

In every 100 puppies, one experiences spasms, seizers, and tremors, which might be due to genetic or any other health problem. Recently CBD is the renowned anticonvulsant medicines to control seizers and tics.

Seizers are generally the sudden electrical imbalance of the neurons in the brain. However, this uncontrolled firing of neurons can be restored by CBD. So, manage the seizers of your pet suffering from epilepsy or Tourette's syndrome with CBD.

CBD, As an Anti-Inflammatory Agent

Like humans, pets in their older age also suffer from inflammation and pain. CBD's anti-inflammatory ability allows you to treat your pet's ailments, such as arthritis, pancreatitis, and chronic inflammation. Sometimes, inflammation can be caused by autoimmune disorders. So help your pet to reduce pain and inflammation with kanabidiol.

CBD, As an Anti-Emetic

Nausea and vomiting commonly occur as a result of a specific medical condition or chemotherapy. The veterinary doctors prescribe different anti-emetic drugs; most of them end up your pet with lower blood pressure, restlessness, and seizers in severe cases.

So switch these troublesome medications with CBD and get a successful and harmless anti-emetic effect.

CBD Improves Homeostasis

For the proper functioning of the animal's body, homeostasis is crucial. It ensures the optimal functioning of biological systems and maintains the balance in the body. However, sometimes the balance gets disturbed, and your pet becomes ill or diseased.

The researches show that CBD therapy plays a vital role in promoting homeostasis and maintaining the balance in bodily processes. As a pet owner, this is why you choose the Cannabidiol to boost the overall well-being of your furry friend.

CBD Reduces Severe Skin Conditions

Having skin problems due to licking and excessive scratching is quite common among pets. They are prone to allergic reactions, hair loss, skin rashes, and redness. To combat such skin conditions, prefer CBD essential oil.

Note: If your pet is suffering from acute skin problems, CBD therapy alone might not be useful. Visit the vet and get more assistance.

CBD Treat Cancer

Pets suffering from cancer are usually given chemotherapy to slow down the spread of the disease. However, chemotherapy has several adverse effects like diarrhea, loss of appetite, and tiredness. Fortunately, CBD can completely stop the growth of cancer cells and improve the results of traditional medicines with no harmful effects.

CBD Combats Stress and Anxiety

Have you noted that CBD is not only limited to the cure of the physical issues of your pet? It can manage their mental problems as well.

Like humans, animals also suffer from stress, phobia, or other psychological issues. Noise anxiety, separation anxiety, and travel anxiety are most common among dogs. Cannabidiol has been found to reduce anxiety and related symptoms.

It targets the receptors to boosts the happiness hormone, which leads to an improvement in mood.

Adverse Effects of CBD in Pets

Based on the human experiences, the possible side effects of CBD in pets are as follows;

Increased thirst: CBD or Kanabidiol reduces saliva production, which manifests the dry mouth and increased thirst.

Sleepiness: Dog owners, when using the CBD essential oil in a higher dose, leads to drowsiness.

Drop blood pressure: likewise, the increased dose of CBD lowers the blood pressure of pets, and they may also feel lightheadedness.

So to minimize the risk of side effects, ensure that you give a proper dose of CBD to your beloved pet.

Quick Tips

  1. If you have queries regarding CBD's use to your pet, ask your pet and then give CBD a try. THC makes humans high, but in animals, it causes severe toxicity. So, you can buy the THC free, CBD product explicitly designed for the animals.

  2. You might be thinking about how to give CBD essential oil or other CBD products to your pet. Well, you can administer it into their treatment or add a few drops in their drink. In my opinion, treats are a more tempting option.

Final Thoughts

The CBD trend is getting popular with every passing day due to its various benefits. However, the research is incomplete still; not only humans but the four-legged companions, pets can also now enjoy its health benefits.

Stay informed and use this holistic medicine for healing the stress, pains, cancer, insomnia, and emesis of your best little friend. With CBD, you can give your pet a gift of a healthy and happy life!

If you are doubted about CBD's use, talk to the vet as he can give you the best professional advice.

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