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CBD and Anxiety – All You Need to Know!

People struggling with anxiety might have used many medications, but most don't work for everyone.

Anxiety is the most prominent mental health issue worldwide. According to WHO, in every 13 people, one lives with anxiety.

Also, it has been estimated that in the United States, about 31% of adults suffer from anxiety.

All of these depressed people are looking for an effective method to manage their symptoms of anxiety.

What about anxiolytic medications? Well, they may provide immediate relief, but they come with numerous side effects such as addiction.

Then what to choose? Cannabidiol is recently the safest option to combat anxiety. It has captured the spotlight as a complementary medication for anxiety. Let's talk about the use of CBD for anxiety in detail.

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What is CBD?

Cannabidiol is the chemical naturally present in the cannabis plants (containing above 540 chemical compounds). It is a type of cannabinoid that provides promising results to relieve anxiety.

Unlike other types of cannabinoids such as THC, cannabidiol doesn't make you feel high.

Instead, it offers various health benefits. CBD exhibits anti-inflammatory properties that help to block the inflammatory enzymes or receptors in the body.

Besides, cannabidiol is found to help people to get relief from a drug-resistant seizure disorder.

The growing legalization of cannabidiol and cannabis oil in America has urged researchers to carry out a couple of studies to investigate its potential benefits.

They came to know that it can alleviate the symptoms of anxiety, a common psychiatric disorder.

CBD for anxiety

Many receptors have covered the human body. Receptors are the proteinoids structures that are embedded in the cells. They are responsible for getting the signals from the stimuli and produce a response.

Cannabidiol interacts with the receptors found in the CNS and PNS, known as CB1 and CB2 receptors. CBD, when acts on the CB1 receptors, alters the serotonin receptors.

Serotonin is a neurotransmitter associated with mental health. A low level of serotonin leads to anxiety. So physicians prescribe serotonin reuptake inhibitors to maintain the serotonin levels.

Similarly, CBD acts on specialized receptors and alleviates the symptoms of anxiety.

How to use CBD to overcome anxiety?

If you are eager to control your anxiety, education is important. You need to understand the pros and cons of the different methods of CBD consumption and determine which suits you best.

CBD oils and tinctures

CBD essential oils and tinctures are the most effective and simple ingestion methods. CBD essential oils are a mixture of CBD extracts and carrier oils like coconut oil, olive oil, and hemp seed oil.

While in tinctures, CBD is embedded on the alcohol base. In both of these forms, cannabinoid passes into the bloodstream and onset of action occurs within 10 minutes.

The CBD effect lasts for 3 to 4 hours.

Note: Always use a dropper to measure the accurate amount of CBD oils and tinctures.

CBD gummies

CBD infused gummies are another safest way of CBD consumption. It masks the unpleasant taste of CBD essential oil. Gummies taste so good that accidentally children ingest them. So don't forget to keep them out of the reach of children.

Inhalation of CBD

Another rapid method of enjoying CBD effects is smoking. When an individual inhales the CBD smoke, it enters directly into the lungs and easily passes to the bloodstream.

So it's the most instantaneous method of CBD absorption.

Note: Measuring CBD consumption through inhalation is a bit challenging. High intake can lead to lung inflammation.

CBD transdermal patches

Transdermal patches are the simple and easiest way of allowing the entry of CBD into the body. Besides adults, children can also get relief from their anxiety through this method. Cannabidiol Patches allow CBD to cross the skin surface and enter the bloodstream. It maintains the constant level of CBD in the blood for an extended period.

CBD vape oils

Vaping is another specialized technique for CBD intake. The special vape pens are used under strict scrutiny.


• THC vape cartridges coated with vitamin E oil are associated with developing serious lung disease known as VAPI. This disease can lead to death.

• It is suggested to purchase the CBD vape cartridges from the licensed CBD store.

• If you consider vaping in an unregulated environment, always follow the precautions.

Side effects of CBD

Generally, CBD is considered safe to use. But some people have experienced some of these mild side effects, such as

Fluctuation in weight



Also, CBD may show the interaction with other drugs you are using. So grapefruit juice and blood thinners should not be used because the enzymes may interact and alter medicine's metabolism.

If you are already taking any supplement, consult your doctor before using CBD.

Specification for choosing the right CBD product for anxiety

Many companies manufacture CBD products worldwide. Some are reliable, while some other companies sell adulterated products.

So it's a bit confusing for the consumers to select the right one for them. Here we have shared some of the basic tips for selecting reliable CBD products.

Before purchasing the CBD products, thoroughly read the label. Carefully check out the amount of CBD.

Determine the company manufacturing the product and research that company. If the label reads the presence of hemp, check out if it's cultivated in an organic environment containing no toxins.

Choose the CBD product that undergoes third-party laboratory tests. Also, ensure the presence of a certificate of analysis granted by the labs.

Bottom line

CBD is found everywhere. From the pharmacies to the corner stores, cannabidiol has been frequently offered to individuals to ensure the general wellbeing.

Luckily now you can treat your panic attacks without the pills. So say goodbye to the long-held anxiety remedies, add CBD oil to your routine, and live a life without anxiety.

If CBD use controls your anxiety attacks without any harmful effects, continue using it. Keep researching about it and share the information with us. We would love to hear from you.

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