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Can I Give CBD Oil to My Kids?

Are you trying to manage the debilitating diseases of your kids? Are you looking for natural treatment to improve their overall wellbeing? Well, why don't you consider CBD?

CBD oils are cannabis extracts, lacking the psychoactive component THC that can make you high. Its different dosage forms, such as lotion, gummies, cocktails, etc., are touted to treat chronic diseases.

Not only adults but also the parents are also increasingly using CBD to improve their children's focus and sleep.

Can kids use CBD oil? Does it make them high? Is CBD safe for their health? Well, these might be the questions popping into your mind.

Like you, many other parents and marijuana-using millennials are curious to know about CBD before giving it to their children.

In this blog post, we shall discuss each aspect of the use of CBD oil in kids.

Let's see!

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The Boom of Cannabidiol

CBD oil is organic oil extracted from the hemp or marijuana plant and contains higher levels of Cannabidiol.

The use of specialized CBD products is a growing wellness trend. In the US, over 64 million people have tried CBD in 2020.

So, in the 21st century, a couple of factors are responsible for the essential oil boom, and scientists are increasingly researching to explore the health benefits of cannabis.

The studies continue to reveal the massive benefits of CBD to treat various mental and physical diseases.

Considering this CBD growth, parents are urged to use cannabidiol, an alternative to conventional medicines, to treat their ailing kids.

In April 2020, the survey suggested that 40 percent of parents give CBD products to their kids for autism.

CBD for anxiety in kids

Sleep disorders and anxiety occur due to posttraumatic stress disorder, and it mostly leads to the impaired ability to concentrate on kids.

Cannabidiol has been explored to impart potential benefits to treat anxiety and stress in adults and kids.

It effectively interacts with the CB1 receptors located in the brain to regulate mood swings and improve cognitive functions.

Is it safe to use CBD for kids?

The medical community regards the use of CBD as a safe choice for kids. They believe that there is no evidence of recreational use of CBD, especially in kids.

So the use of CBD is safe for kids but make sure that the chosen CBD product contains less than 0.3% of THC.

However, if you consider giving CBD products containing a high amount of THC, it's completely illegal.

It may impart an intoxicating effect on your kid. Therefore it's wise to take the suggestion of your pediatrician before giving CBD supplements to your beloved child.

How to give Cannabidiol to kids?

1. Prefer gummies

CBD gummies are the easiest and effective method to provide kids CBD. These have a pleasant sweet taste and contain an accurate amount of the product in them.

2. Use specified doses for kids

Whenever you give CBD to your babies, make sure that it contains the dose specified for them. Calculate the dose and don't give them an adult dose as it may cause harmful effects.

3. Start with a low dose

Initially, start with the low dose to identify the reaction of CBD on your kid. Once you determine the positive impact, you can slowly increase the dose.

4. Use a small amount of topical

When using CBD lotions, creams, or other topical in your kids, initially apply a small dose to the normal skin area. If no negative reaction occurs, you can put it on the affected region.

Risks associated with the use of CBD essential oil in kids

People have been using marijuana for many years, but CBD oil is the new trend. Extensive testing has been done on kids.

Additionally, the increased use of CBD can cause restlessness and other side effects in kids.

If your child is taking other medications, then increased are the chances that CBD interacts with them.

This drug-drug interaction may synergize or block each other effect. The intake of CBD oil is also contraindicated with the grapefruit juice.

Further, the availability of unregulated CBD oil in the market makes it tough for parents to choose the right product.

Note: Be careful when choosing the CBD product Because some of the products contain a high level of cannabidiol along with THC, while some others have a minute quantity of CBD.

Things parents MUST know before giving CBD to their kids

CBD essential oil isn't cheap

Parents who prefer to give CBD essential oil regularly to their kids must know that it's not cheap. They may have to invest hundreds of dollars every month. So be careful when using CBD.

Online CBD products

Buying online could be tricky. Most if not all of the online retailers comply with local and federal laws, specially when it comes to thirds party testing. It is highly unlikely that CBD oils sold online misrepresent the quality information. As long as you do your proper research and buy from reputable sellers (as we have here), you and your love ones should be okay with your online CBD consumption.

CBD is good for different children's ailments

Although CBD is effective for different diseases in kids, such as depression, seizures, anxiety, and autism, the doctor's recommendation is necessary.

They will prescribe you the accurate dose and CBD to THC ratio to combat the ailment.

Mix CBD in your child's food

Placing the CBD oil drops sublingually or on the cheeks side is the best way to give CBD to kids.

However, if the child doesn't like its taste, you can mix it with the food as it is fat-soluble, so milk is the better choice. CBD never mixes in water, so don't give it with water


Kids with different diseases can get considerable benefit from cannabidiol. Buzz is floating that parents should give a recommended dose of CBD to their kids regularly.

Should they? Yes, of course. The daily intake of CBD can impart various health benefits to your kids. It is unfortunate that kids are widely exposed to the most addictive substances such as sugar and cereal based on years of misinformation.

You can provide this magical substance to your kids at a young age. Let's support the use of CBD which will help with all family's health..

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