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Can CBD Essential Oil Be the Best Solution for Hair Loss and Alopecia?

Hair loss must have affected you now and then? Have you tried different hair creams and shampoos to promote regrowth of your hair?

Of course, you must have. But I assure you that every time you experience frustration by seeing strands of hair appearing down the shower drain.

In the United States, almost 80 million women and men face serious hair loss issues every day. Such kind of hair loss is also known as alopecia or baldness.

Some lose their hair due to hereditary issues, while in some other individuals, medication, stress, and unhygienic lifestyle are the main reasons.

You are already aware of the overwhelming number of hair loss treatments, such as hair growth pills, hair transplant, etc. But what if we introduce you to a simple and effective solution that helps you get lusher hair at home?

CBD essential oil! Yes. It's the miraculous natural remedy for hair loss that has skyrocketed in popularity. It is a secret ingredient for your perfect hair. Use cannabidiol to allow everyone to keep their eyes on you!

Alopecia and Normal Hair Loss

Normally the hair loss occurs due to hereditary problems. The genetics and hormonal problems narrow down the hair follicles. Such shrinkage lasts permanently and can be troublesome to solve.

Besides this, the emotional upheaval is also linked with hair loss. In some people, complete loss of hair occurs while some others encounter the thinning of hair.

On the other hand, alopecia is hair loss due to any medical problem. The common type of alopecia refers to alopecia areata.

In this autoimmune disorder, a sudden loss of hair patches from the scalp and body takes place. The immune system targets the hair follicles, which lead to the hair fall.

Alopecia has many different forms based on external factors like stress or physical trauma.

It is considered that CBD essential oil is a cure to both alopecias and normal hair loss.

What is CBD Essential Oil?

CBD, meaning cannabidiol, is a compound derived from the hemp plant. It contains less than or equal to 0.3% THC.

This amount is so low that it won't give you the feeling of being high and maintain the balance in your physical and mental health.

Note: THC is a phytocannabinoids that acts on the brain and makes you high. But its minute amount in CBD doesn't show any dependency.

More importantly, cannabis oil contains many health benefits like treating insomnia, epilepsy, depression, and many more.

So from Mother Nature, Cbd essential oil is the natural gift that exhibits unique properties and does wonders to your hair.

1. CBD and the Hair Loss

Normally, the loss of 100 strands of hair occurs. However, a higher amount of hair loss usually occurs due to hormonal, hereditary, and stress-related issues.

The sleep disturbance and anxiety majorly contribute to the release of the stress hormone, cortisol which increases hair loss.

Cannabis oil has been in the press for its top benefits like managing stress, promoting sound sleep, regulating cortisol level, and preventing hair loss is one of its claims. It rejuvenates the thin hair and provides the ideal conditions to the body that boost hair growth.

Unlike other hair care products, CBD essential oil doesn't penetrate the hair follicles.

CBD Enhances the Scalp Health

The CBD is rich in vitamin A, D, and E, fatty acids and amino acids, which all boost the scalp's health. The proteins and vitamins protect the skin on your scalp and provide it nourishment.

If you are looking for a solution that encourages your hair growth and makes them stronger, we recommend using CBD oil.

Before applying the CBD directly on the head, thoroughly determine the differences between hemp shampoo, CBD shampoo, or hemp oil.

As far as hemp shampoo is concerned, it doesn't contain cannabidiol in it. Instead, it is rich in hemp oil. Hemp oil is extracted from the hemp seed rather than flowers. The fatty acids in it majorly promote scalp health.

Depending upon your needs, you can buy either hemp shampoo or hemp hair oil. However, CBD shampoo is also a great option for your scalp health.

Components in CBD oil

Amino acids

Amino acids are the building block of the protein that promote the growth of hair follicles. The human hair is constructed with keratin, a protein that consists of 18 amino acids. So it is best for the hair.

Fatty acids

Omega 3 and omega-six fatty acids are also the main components of CBD oil that promotes hair growth. Also, the gamma-linoleic acid shows promising improvement in the blood flow towards the scalp.


A wide variety of antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals are also present in Cannabis oil. Antioxidants prevent free radical damage, which promotes shiny and vibrant hair.

2. The Anti-Inflammatory Properties of CBD

Another important reason for hair loss is inflammation. So the anti-inflammatory agents are responsible for the hair related problem.

CBD interacts with the glycine receptors and reduces the inflammatory pain associated with hair loss. These receptors minimize oxidative stress and reduce inflammation.

Directions to use CBD oil for hair loss

You can use CBD oil, both internally and externally. First, determine your condition and use the oil either topically or ingest it.

For normal hair loss: If you find a remedy for your ordinary hair loss, you should put the CBD oil topically on your scalp to strengthen your hair follicles.

A quick tip: You can mix oil with the gel or hair cream for a better effect.

For medically induced alopecia: If you have alopecia, take the CBD oil orally so that it gets entirely absorbed into the bloodstream.

In this way, it can alleviate anxiety and reduce inflammation. You could take the Cannabis oil sublingually and hold it there for 20 to 30 seconds until it enters the system.

Bottom Line

The world is just exploring the CBD benefits for hair growth and health. Also, the researchers are working on CBD and revealing new benefits with every passing day.

Backed up by scientific evidence, CBD oil controls hair loss. From hair growth to anxiety relief, CBD benefits are endless.

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