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Bloom with the Lotus Yoga

Lotus yoga is the most basic and probably the most well-known yoga poses. The lotus pose is known to effectively soothe the nerves, awaken energy, and calm the mind.

Read on to learn how you can bloom and grow with the lotus pose.

The lotus pose is also known as Padmasana. It is recognized as an archetypical posture of yoga.

The positioning of the hands and feet in the lotus pose looks like the petals of a lotus flower.

The flower’s blossom grows from the base in the mud and rests above the water basking in the sunlight.

The blooming image is quite a metaphor for the unfolding for the yoga process.

The lotus flower is rooted in the mud, which grows into a beautiful flower. The person who starts performing yoga are rooted in the mud, like the mundane world.

With constant practice, you can bloom into a beautiful lotus flower.


The term lotus from the Sanskrit word padma), is a powerful symbol that encompasses time and religion.

Lotus bloom has become a symbol depicting enlightenment, detachment, rebirth, cosmic renewal, beauty, or spiritual and material wealth.

The lotus flower is easily recognizable as one of the most popular. It is also used as a symbol in the Hindu iconography.

Lakshmi who is known as the goddess of abundance, is often depicted as sitting in the open with a lotus bloom.

The Awakening

Practitioners continue to use it today because this particular position has a lot of physical and energy-related benefits.

Lotus yoga is known to increase blood circulation around the lumbar spine and nourish the abdominal organs.

The lotus pose may play a big part in awakening the dormant energy, referred to as kundalini, located at the base of the spine and move that energy up all the way to the chakra system.

The lotus pose creates a solid ground for yoga practitioners who want to awaken the kundalini. However, there is more to the lotus yoga.

In this fast-paced world, a lot of people continue to walk through life disconnected from their body and mind.

You need to pause from time to time.

Calm the Mind

In addition to helping in the distribution of energy, Padmasana helps calm the mind and stabilize the pose itself.

The lotus pose maintains proper posture and spinal alignment. This position helps facilitate deep breathing needed to get into the meditative state.

With the interlocking of the body parts, movements are limited. As you are seated in this position, your senses may run inward.

The pelvis, which is close to the floor, stimulates your nerves in the sacrum, activating the parasympathetic nervous system for calming effect.

Freedom Flowers

The lotus flower may grow in the swamp, but it rises above to sit on top of the mire as it fully blooms. There is something beautiful in rising up.

The lotus flower has also become a symbol of hope and of kaivalyam, meaning liberation. The term kaivalyam is synonymous to the ultimate freedom from suffering, which is the main purpose of yoga.

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