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Best Essential Oils for Sleep

Is it healthy to diffuse essential oil in your room at night? The answer is yes it is healthy and it is highly recommended for people with sleep issues.

Aside from helping you to fall asleep with the smell of your favorite essence oil, burning essential oils humidifies the air in your room regardless of the time of the year.

When you increase air moisture in your room, you breathe easier throughout the night and you also prevent respiratory illnesses from occurring.

The air quality in the room is also improved, thus the risk of infection is reduced. Your skin also benefits from increased moisture, as it is kept moist during the night.

People with cracked or sore lips can try burning oils at night for treatment.

So, what are essential oils you can use for a good night sleep?

Pick one or two from the three options below.


Sandalwood oil is a popular skin moisturizer that you can use and leave on your skin overnight.

This oil has a sweet, woody smell, which is widely used in the fragrance industry.

That woody, earthy smell can deliver sleep benefits, but for some people, it has the opposite effect.

They feel more awake and roused when they smell sandalwood but they also feel relaxed.

If it has the opposite effect on you, do not use this oil at night, but you can use it during the day to feel relaxed yet alert. Research has shown that this oil is effective in easing symptoms of anxiety.


Amber essential oil has a warm, smoky smell with floral citrus undertones. You can diffuse this oil directly into the air, but some people prefer burning it together with frankincense.

When you feel congestion in your chest, this oil might work wonders for you.

Amber is also used as a treatment for pain, as it has analgesic properties. If you are suffering from inflammation, muscle aches, or muscle spasms, apply this oil on the affected part.

Add a few drops of this oil to the burner just before bedtime, and try blending it with sandalwood oil.


People know about using lavender oil applied on feet for promoting sleep, but just the same, you can burn this oil to fill your room with its sweet aroma.

The lavender herb is known to be [useful│ helpful] in treating insomnia and also known to be beneficial in people who suffer from restlessness.

The oil can help reduce blood pressure and decrease heart rate, so at any moment you feel agitated and you need to quickly feel relaxed, feel calm or to fall asleep easily, fill your indoor space with lavender oil’s tension-easing aroma.

Other Aroma Options

So you have here three great options to help you achieve restful asleep using aromatherapy. Other essential oils for better sleep include ylang-ylang oil, valerian oil, bergamot oil and chamomile oil.

If you don’t have an oil burner to burn your essential oil, buy an oil diffuser. The effect would be the same.

You may also just drop a bit of the oil on your wrist and take a bunch of deep breaths before going to bed. Scented candles are also available.

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