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Benefits of the Flow Yoga

Vinyasa yoga is also referred to as flow yoga. Vinyasa is a form of yoga wherein poses are strung together, forming a single fluid sequence of movement. Its main focus are transitions and movements, with little stationary poses.

Flow yoga is known to be fast and physically challenging, but it can also be soft and gentle. Compared to other forms of yoga, Vinyasa yoga poses do not have a sequence or a certain number of poses to get through.

Vinyasa yoga is considered a creative form of yoga. The poses are linked together with the breaths you take in a flowing sequence.

There is standard sequence, though. The style, pace, and intensity of movements will depend on the yoga teacher.

The classes can be sequenced around a peak pose, like the backbend, or they can focus on a specific theme, like the chakras.

Classes can be dynamic and are focused on the strengthening postures. They can also have a slower flow, focusing on mobility and flexibility of the hips or spine.

No two Vinyasa classes are the same, ever, and most of the time the sequences are playful yet creative.

Benefits of the Flow Yoga

  • Cardiovascular health. Vinyasa yoga is a good vascular exercise because of its fast-paced nature. Swift movements with your breath will increase your heart rate and generate heat.

  • Range of motion. A Vinyasa yoga class teaches [different movements |a variety of movements] while working through the entire body. This will increase your range of motion by making you move more than you normally do. This provides better flexibility, thereby avoiding future injuries that may occur if you move the same way all the time.

  • Build strength. Consistent practice of the flow yoga helps build muscle mass. You tend to move the entire body, which develops strength and balance.

  • Stress reliever. Any yoga class can be a moving meditation. The constant and rhythmical movements help calm your mind and body, making sure that you to shift your focus inward. This way, you are able to connect your body and mind. It also helps calm the nervous system and helps you managed stress and anxiety.

  • Connecting with the breath. Your breath is actually powerful. If you are tensed or in shock, you automatically hold your breath, signaling to the brain that you are feeling uncomfortable. The brain will then produce adrenaline and cortisol (also known as the stress hormone) to help you get through this particular moment. Regular practice of yoga may be able to help you in managing stress and anxiety.

Accessories Used in Flow Yoga

Here are just two of the most popular accessories practitioners use to teach yoga:

  • Yoga brick – is positioned at the front of the mat. It supposed a wide range of poses.

  • Yoga mat towel – is used to avoid the hands and feet from slipping.

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