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Benefits of Doing Bikram Yoga Poses

Bikram yoga is a type of hot yoga. By hot yoga, it means that the yoga class is performed inside an extremely hot room with the main purpose of making one sweat.

The heat level of the room should be around 105°F (40°C), with humidity roughly at 40%. It was discovered by Bikram Choudhury from India.

Bikram yoga has a total of 26 different kinds of postures, stretches, and breathing exercises. All these are intended to strengthen you and improve your overall health.

Bikram yoga is different from other types of hot yoga in the sense that Bikram yoga is performed in slightly hotter environment.

Here are the benefits of Bikram yoga:

  • Detoxify the body.

Heat helps in detoxifying your body of harmful chemicals and toxins. The high heat level causes you to sweat profusely.

  • Increase flexibility.

All of the Bikram yoga poses and stretches help to increase your body’s flexibility by slowly and carefully stretching out your muscles, making them more mobile.

If you have more flexible muscles you may prevent injuries like pulled muscles.

Moreover, the warmer your muscles are, the more flexible they become.

  • Proper breathing.

With Bikram yoga, you learn proper breathing techniques. You basically learn to properly breathe with yoga in general.

However, with Bikram yoga, it is harder to breathe because of the increased heat level, hence, you need to use proper breathing technique to be able to continue on without collapsing.

The intensity of Bikram yoga poses is beneficial to your respiratory system – preventing shortness of breath, bronchitis, asthma, emphysema, and other respiratory conditions.

  • The different poses are low impact.

Doing Bikram yoga is good for your joints, especially if you have issues with painful knees and ankles.

  • An effective form of strength-training.

All of the 26 poses will make you stronger. Almost all of these poses force you to use all your muscles to sustain certain positions.

Yoga practitioners call it the bodyweight training since you’re using your muscles to keep your body weight up. Bikram yoga is considered a decent alternative to weight lifting.

  • Makes an effective cardio workout.

The increased heat level plus the intensity of the poses will get your heart pumping. It may also be good for your lungs.

Remember, having a strong will need less effort to pump blood, this reduces the possibility of developing high blood pressure and other heart conditions.

  • May help you lose weight.

The intense poses and hot environment help in burning calories. In fact, one 90-minute session of yoga can burn up to 1,000 calories.

Bikram yoga will also be good for your digestive system, improving your metabolism and eventually helping you lose weight.

Bikram yoga is an excellent way to become fit and healthy, but there are precautions to observe. It is not recommended for pregnant women.

You need to keep yourself hydrated before and after a session of hot yoga. People with pre-existing heart condition are also not permitted to perform this type of yoga.

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