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Aromatherapy for Stress Relief

What do you do when you feel stressed? People use [strategies to cope with stress. That includes sleeping more, exercising, and even screaming as a way to release tension.

If you’re doing these things to live a more stress-free life, that’s good, but you can always include more techniques to what you already have there - like aromatherapy and yoga.

Why do people use aromatherapy and how will it work for you? Check below for answers to these questions and to know the essential oils that you can use for aromatherapy that can help you overcome stress.

Why Do People Use Aromatherapy for Stress

Essential oils have been used to treat different illnesses throughout time across cultures including Southern Europe, China, India and Egypt.

In Egypt, it appears that these oils have been used for over 2000 years now. The ancient tombs were discovered to have residues of essential oils suggesting that these oils were used in the embalming process.

During the Second World War, when medicines were limited, a surgeon from France learned that certain essential oils could be used to treat soldiers.

That’s how aromatherapy started to be accepted as a form of treatment.

Some people who are wary of the side effects that traditional medical treatment brings resort to the natural ways available and one of them is aromatherapy.

The essentials oils are taken from natural sources. They are extracted from barks, roots and leaves of plants, so these oils are 100% natural, and thus they don’t present health risks the way synthetic medicines do.

The path that essential oils use in entering the human body is through the nostrils or our sense of smell.

Our sense of smell can stimulate potent emotional responses, making aromatherapy beneficial for people suffering from stress or anxiety.

As we inhale the scent of an essential oil, the oil’s molecules come into contact with our nasal cavities.

When this happens, the brain is stimulated and responds by sending certain chemicals to regulate stress and induce a calming effect in the person.

These calming effects include lowering of heart rate, reduction of blood pressure level, production of “feel-good hormones” and improvement in breathing patterns.

Aromatherapy can be done using an essential oil burner. If this is not available, you can also use an essential oil inhaler.

Some people are fine with direct inhalation using hot water vapor. Others add essential oils into the water when they take a bath.

What Can Aromatherapy Do for Stressed People Like You?

When you people essential body oils, usually the goal is to improve the condition of the skin, which is actually a way to keep the skin moisturized.

These oils prevent the skin from drying due to sun exposure, but the same oils, as stated above, can affect the brain leading to a better emotional state and a better state of mind.

Try these oils and see what they can do for you:

Lavender Oil

This oil will help you improve the functions of your nervous system. When you apply the oil on your wrists and temples, your blood pressure and heart rate will normalize.

The oil will appease your tensed nerves, reduce your anxiety and improve the quality of your sleep.

Rose Oil

This one is great is for soothing emotions and hormone balancing. If you have frequent headache, this oil can help soothe the pain.

The same is true if you frequently experience mood swings.

Lemon Oil

This oil has been found to have sedative properties, so it might be good for calming your tension after a hard day in the office.

It also has anxiety-reducing effects if you happen to be a person who worries a lot.

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