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An Ultimate Guide for Yoga Props

Are you a beginner in yoga? Do you find it difficult to hold certain yoga poses? Well, then you need pure yoga props to improve your strength and flexibility.

Typically students see yoga props as a tool for inflexible and weak people. They are ego-driven and feel awkward to hold props.

However, holding pure yoga props is not an embarrassment, but it drives us to practice Ahimsa's principle, which allows us to show compassion for ourselves and others.

Say goodbye to your ego, fully concentrate on your poses, and take care of your body. But how? Of course, through decent yoga props.

As a yogi, it's always a challenging task to choose the right yoga prop. Scrutinizing the necessary one to accomplish certain yoga poses is difficult.

Well, in this guide, we will check out the valuable tools that cultivate the proper alignment in our body and continue to advance our yoga practice.

Before hopping into the discussion of pure yoga props, let's have a look at the reasons to use them.

Reasons to use yoga props

1. You can experience the true pose

Everyone is not as flexible to practice the complicated yoga poses as a teenage boy.

However, props offer accessibility to the new yogis of different shapes, sizes, and ages looking for the alternative.

They can practice the pure yoga pose suitable for their body needs without risking injuries. Use yoga props to try challenging yoga poses without help.

2. Don't allow you to cheat the true alignment.

Undoubtedly yoga props are not only meant to provide ease in yoga. Instead, it allows you to practice the true alignments of the pose.

Like in a supported Airplane, when you lift your foot against the wall, a block fully involves your core and back muscles.

Further, in a pyramid or revolved Triangle pose, a yoga prop balances your pelvis and keeps your legs and hips' moderate level.

3. Provide true comfort

If you often drop down your knees during the Low Lunge asana or High Split Pose, think about using a padded blanket or a wedge block.

Or use a foam wedge to release wrists pressure in the Downward Facing Dog pose. So yoga props can reduce the effort and pain in achieving a specific yoga pose. They allow you to experience a better pose without discomfort.

4. Cultivate deep relaxation

Props can also enhance the best relaxing postures. For instance, a blanket under the head and knees in Corpse Pose keeps you warm and makes you feel much better. So use the props for you to calm fully.

Best pure yoga props

Organic yoga mat

Gyms and yoga studios are common places to use organic yoga mats. A yoga mat defines your personal space, and the friction keeps you from falling and slipping on the ground.

You can also get a bit of cushioning on the hard ground through an organic yoga mat. There are a lot of other types of organic yoga mats specific to your needs, such as:

  • Premium mats are often designed to commit to the yoga practice but are a bit expensive.

  • Lightweight Travel yoga mats are for travelers to stay fit on their vacations.

  • Air grip and support.

  • Cork yoga mats are eco-friendly and are perfect for high-end yoga practice. The lightweight and anti-microbial qualities of cork yoga mats make it easy to practice tough poses without compromising health.

Yoga belt

Unlike the resistance band, yoga belts are sturdy and can be used in different ways. They help to extend the limbs and support the body to explore asana easily. Whenever you use the belt actively, be conscious of pulling off the body.

As you often hold it so tightly that it induces strain in your neck and shoulder. So while practicing every kind of pose, grab your yoga belt with a soft grip. It will keep your shoulder and neck relaxed.

Explore different yoga belts of varying color, width, and length and grab the right one for you.

Wooden Yoga blocks

What is a yoga block? Yoga blocks, also known as the floor raisers, help you reach the floor. The less flexible people can easily accomplish their poses without any discomfort with the wooden yoga blocks.

They have a significant role in many pure yoga poses. Blocks take different parts of the body like the head, legs, and back to a certain height and support them.

They are available in various shapes and materials. Choose the 4" thick cork or wooden yoga block. However, if you are looking for soft blocks, get some dense foam blocks.

Yoga bolsters

Pure yoga Bolster varies in size and shape but usually looks similar to the blanket or big body pillow. Although they are not much common in the yoga prop world, they are the best choice if you want some extra support.

During the restorative yin poses like Savasana and meditation, bolster allows you to sit on it and get extra support.

Most yogis find difficulty in accomplishing seated postures. It seems physically and mentally uncomfortable for them to sit at the same place for an extended period.

Bolsters raise their hips and reduce the strain on the knees or legs. This prop invites you to relax your stiff muscles and keep your body in place.

Last words

Pure yoga props are great training tools that help you learn new yoga poses, tone your body, and get smarter. Your practice becomes more creative and injury-free due to the eco-friendly yoga props.

These encourage versatility in your practice and allow you to keep growing in your fitness journey.

Take a couple of pure yoga props in your yoga class and let yourself grow. Do you often use yoga props? Which one is your favorite prop to use? Please share with us in the comment section below.

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